Swaddling your baby

swaddleStep 1: Spread a receiving blanket (regular blankets are usually too big and bulky) on the bed or floor and fold down one corner. Lay your baby on the blanket so that his head and neck are above the fold you just created.
Step 2: Grab the corner to the left of baby, and pull it across his body, tucking it snugly under his back on the opposite side. His arms should be tucked inside the blanket, not left outside the swaddle. (Although if he likes to keep his hands near his face, you can leave a fist peaking out.)
Step 3: Take the bottom corner and tuck it behind baby’s left shoulder and back.
Step 4: Take the right corner and wrap it all the way around baby, securing the extra fabric into the fold at the front of the blanket.
Fast fact: The snug security of a swaddle is comforting to many babies, since it reminds them of their time in the womb.
Cheat sheet: Can’t figure out how to make a swaddle work? Fear not! You can buy swaddling blankets that do all the dirty work for you.
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