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NESTiG The Wave Crib

While many cribs convert to toddler beds, they can feel too large for a newborn and often aren't easily mobile for transferring from the parent bedroom to the nursery. Thankfully I found the perfect solution in NESTiG's The Wave Crib!

Slay it as a single mom

“The key was deciding what I wanted and being consistent enough in being happy until I got it. I also refused to believe any of the myths about what single mothers can and cannot do!”

Catch the fever

A fever is a temporary increase in body temperature and is a common indication of an infection. Though it sounds scary, the process is actually good for the body because it heats to the point of killing the germs associated with the problem. Here’s what to know about treating infant fever and how to be prepared.

Tooth and ail

A few frowns are to be expected when baby’s grin becomes more than gumlines. Consider these tips to make it through.

Fashion & Beauty

Our mama muses offer advice that will help you feel and look good throughout pregnancy—and after!

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