• The Abbott Nutrition formula plant may be reopening as early as two weeks from today—but that's still too late for many parents.

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How to Set Boundaries Postpartum

Your friends and family mean well, but the unannounced visits and baby advice can quickly become overwhelming. Here’s how to carve out personal space while still leaning on your inner circle for support.

Birth Stories

Preterm Twin Emergency C-section

"Every morning after the Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) surgery, I prayed for 32 weeks to arrive. Each day that brought me closer felt like a victory, but I awoke night after night fearful I was in labor ... "

Surrogate Home Birth for Two Fathers

"With the guys by my side, we wandered outside to the silence of the night under the beautiful moonlight. They showered me with praise and told me how strong I was. I shared my fears with them, and they held me up as the walk brought on very strong contractions."

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For almost two decades, Pregnancy & Newborn has brought a bounty of thoughtful and trustworthy resources to moms and their budding broods. From positive pregnancy test to prepping for labor to (finally!) meeting your baby and stepping into real-life motherhood, we have what you need to make informed decisions from where you sit now, in the home you’re lovingly building for your unique family.

New parents, single mothers, households with two mamas (or dads!) and every parent in between: We’re here to help, to celebrate, to advocate, to embrace change and challenges and to offer solidarity for all the many moments of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood.

And because life doesn’t come with a manual, perhaps the breadcrumbs of other mothers’ lived experiences—many from seasoned Pregnancy & Newborn editors and our medical expert contributors—can be your go-to guide for support (and a few belly laughs, too). It’s those little bits and pieces of authentic stories that you’ll find here at Pregnancy & Newborn. The bigger picture is our mission to empower every parent in their present moment and become a trusted companion whenever needed. So, please, stay a while, and know we’re so happy you’re here.

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