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Totokan Baby Monitor

"All you have to do is download the app and sync it with your monitor, and you’re ready to put it to use."

Lollipop Baby Monitor

"A cool feature of this monitor is that the tentacle-like arm is bendable, meaning you can simply wrap it around the crib rail to secure it in place. So, you can position it wherever you’d like in order to get the best view of your sleeping baby."

Netgear Arlo Baby

"Where the Arlo Baby shines, and where Netgear has clearly shown its value, is in its combination of hardware and software. The Arlo Baby uses a dedicated app that helpfully lets you pair the camera with your phone quickly and easily. ... The app launches quickly and uses the fingerprint sensor on your phone for authentication (or a manual login and password). In either case, the security is a nice touch, ensuring that random people do not stumble upon your baby’s video feed."

VTech Safe&Sound VM346 Full Color Video Monitor

"If you have multiple children napping at once (I wish!) and/or you are interested in getting additional cameras and angles on the same room, the parent unit has the ability to relay and display up to four separate video monitors."

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Monitor

"At first, I found the idea of this to be intimidating (smart gadgets can be just as difficult as they are helpful), but setup was extremely easy and intuitive to the average tech-savy parent (someone who can operate an apple TV and a Keurig—nothing fancy)."

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