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"My first impression of the Nanit is that it’s a very sleek, modern and attractive piece of equipment. Setup is a breeze and the instruction manual definitely conveys that. Getting started was as simple as opening the app and following the guided steps."

Angelcare AC417 Baby Video, Sound and Movement Monitor

"The sensor pad is made to monitor your baby's smallest movements. If it doesn’t detect any movement after 20 seconds an alarm will sound. Another feature the monitor has is what they call “activity analytics." This tracks and records baby’s bigger movements and shows them in a chart."

Summer Infant Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor

"There are also a couple of bonus features that make this monitor especially appealing. Because baby is bound to move around during naptime, this monitor moves too! From the handheld unit, I can swivel the camera left and right 180 degrees and tilt up and down as well. There’s even a zoom function to give me a closer look."

Project Nursery 5-inch HD Video Baby Monitor System with Mini Monitor

"First, it’s really nice to have the mini monitor. I wasn’t sure if I would use it when I originally chose this monitor, but I have found it to really come in handy, especially when I am running around the house. I just hook the mini monitor on (it comes with several options—a wristband, a lanyard, a carabiner and a clip) and carry about my chores while the baby sleeps."

WavHello SoundBub

The 3 varieties of soundbub; owl, bear and rabbit Baby sound asleep with his rabbit soundbub After using the WavHello SoundBub I have to say it’s a mama must-have! My littlest

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