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When I was received the Lollipop monitor I was pleasantly […]

When I was received the Lollipop monitor I was pleasantly surprised by the design and quality of the packaging. The boxes are extremely sleek and very reminiscent of something you would leave the Apple Store with. Kudos to the Lollipop design team for making a great first impression.

Now, the camera itself is also something to gawk at. It’s very minimal and yet extremely playful, making it right at home in any nursery. We received the turquoise camera (it also comes in pistachio and cotton candy) and I have to say, it looks great in our colorful Scandinavian styled nursery. It has a smooth rubberized finish and a simple white power cable/brick.

A cool feature of this monitor is that the tentacle-like arm is bendable, meaning you can simply wrap it around the crib rail to secure it in place. So, you can position it wherever you’d like in order to get the best view of your sleeping baby.

Unfortunately for us, the top rail of our crib is just a little too wide for the arm to fully wrap around, meaning we needed to use the wall mount option. The included wall mount is shaped like a little rubberized white tree branch and is very easy on the eyes. All you need to install it is a drill and screwdriver. Once you’ve got the monitor where you want it, you can stick the cable guides to the back of your crib slats and pop the cable in place to ensure your baby can’t grab at any wires. Very smart.

Setup for this camera is a breeze. Just plug it in, follow a couple of steps on the app and you’re good to go. All in all, I’d say setup and installation takes about 10 minutes tops.

The Lollipop is powered by a very well-designed app that allows you to watch a live feed, receive activity notifications, view a history of activity, speak to your baby, play lullabies and even snap photos/record GIFs of crib activity.

In addition to the camera, we got the Lollipop Sensor (sold separately) that provides humidity, temperature and air quality readings directly within the app. The sensor is just a small block that you plug into a wall outlet and connect to the camera via the app. The information provided can trigger notifications and is customizable to fit what you want to know.

I love that this monitor doesn’t require any kind of subscription service to unlock it’s full potential. We’ve tried other monitors in the past that offer and in-app subscription that provide more details around your baby’s activity; however, another monthly subscription fee is just not something I’m looking for in a baby monitor.

If I have any complaints about the product, they would be about the length of the arm, I’d love to see a longer arm, if not included, then at least available for purchase. Secondly, while the video quality is good, it’s not as amazing as what I’ve seen from other new monitors on the market.

Now, if you’re thinking of traveling with your monitor, this is definitely one you can do that with. The camera itself is very lightweight and small, as is the sensor. All you need is Wi-Fi at your destination and you should be good to go. The bendable arm can even be formed into its own sort of circle-based stand, so it can work without a wall mount or crib railing to attach to.

Overall, the Lollipop is definitely a great monitor, and as someone who values form as well as function I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for a monitor that’s easy on the eyes and a breeze to use.

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