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Every new parent knows the struggle of needing sleep, yet […]

Every new parent knows the struggle of needing sleep, yet feeling anxiety come bedtime due to the sad and unfortunate possibility of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Having room shared with our first born for the first year, I wasn’t very familiar with baby monitors, but I knew it would only serve to benefit our peace of mind to take additional precautions in looking over our second child. The Owlet Smart Sock 2 Monitor is the newest version of the Owlet baby monitor designed to measure your baby’s vital signs and notify you if anything falls out of range.

At first, I found the idea of this to be intimidating (smart gadgets can be just as difficult as they are helpful), but setup was extremely easy and intuitive to the average tech-savy parent (someone who can operate an apple TV and a Keurig—nothing fancy). The key to getting the most out of your monitor is to follow instructions and use as directed. If you veer from the guidelines, chances are you will experience false alarms and cause unnecessary panic.

The manual is a quick picture guide to connecting and plugging your device into a wall charger and downloading the app. Once the app is open, it walks you through the remaining process of properly installing and customizing your Owlet monitor. It is a very simple process, and the app does a great job of spelling it out for the user. There is an option to watch a short 6-7 minute video during the set-up process (it’s a must!), and it will help you make sense of the light and sound notifications you may encounter while using this product.

The one part of setup I found difficult was assessing the fit of the sock and actually figuring out how to properly attach it to my son’s foot. The method for the left differs from that of the right, and it took a few minutes to grasp the concept and not put the sock on backwards. It’s important to know that an incorrect fit will result in false readings or the inability to gather a solid reading from your baby. The company provides three different sock sizes to ensure your wee one always has a proper fit. Note that you must charge the sock unit after each use, so you may want to practice during the day when you can charge the battery once more before bed.

The monitor can be controlled manually or from your smart phone. (This is important in the event your device gets lost or broken because you can still operate your monitor.) All it takes is the tap of your finger to turn the base on and off. You can check in on your baby’s stats anytime, even if you’re not near him or the home base. You can actually share login information with other family members interested in checking in throughout the day as well. I love that if my son is with my in-laws or a babysitter, I can be at dinner and have the reassurance he is OK.

One possible obstacle (I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a con) to consider is the base lights up and makes noises, which may wake your baby throughout the night. The base has to be close enough to where your child sleeps to get an accurate reading, so having the base in your room may not be an option. Should the other alarms sound—not signaling danger—you may be repeating bedtime. This double-edged sword isn’t an issue per say, but something to think about when choosing the monitor that works be for your family and home layout. Another thing is the monitor has to be put on your child, so if your little falls asleep extra early before pajamas or while in the car, you have to make the call to try and attach the sock while gambling he’ll sleep through it.

My personal experience in using the monitor night to night has been very positive. My wife and I haven’t dealt with a false alarm as of yet, although our son sleeps right next to our bed. As I mentioned earlier, following instructions will help your monitor work best. We have kept our regular schedule of night feedings and diaper changes without skipping a beat. In terms of sock usage, it hasn’t left any marks on my son or seemed to interfere with his ability to snooze. He never seems bothered by having something attached to his foot, and we have been able to dress him in his same pajamas.

Even though it’s expensive, I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family because we genuinely sleep better at night knowing our Owlet is looking out for irregularities we can’t observe all hours of the day. Once you get the hang of the day-to-day maintenance and care, it just becomes part of your nap and bedtime routines and feels seamless. If you are extremely sensitive to light, you may want to find another place for the home base other than your bedside table. I found it quite bright for a night monitor and had to cover the glow to fall asleep. The other thing I would bring up is this is not a video monitor. If you prefer the visual assurance of seeing your child while sleeping, you may want to couple the Owlet with a viewing option.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 comes in blue, seafoam or pink. You can order the alternative colors and sizes if needed. Recommended use is from 0-18 months, and the socks are labeled with suggested age of use. This product is 100% guaranteed, includes free shipping and is available for financing options. Please know that above all else, the Owlet monitor is not intended to replace safe sleep practices as specified by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It’s meant to offer an additional layer of protection for your baby and hopefully provide some needed rest and relaxation for mom and dad, too.

Price: $300
Where to buy: amazon.com

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