Best Baby Tech Products That You Need to Know About

By Published On: October 7th, 2022

These clever gadgets make life with baby a little (or a lot) easier.

Smart baby gear is an ever-growing market filled with products meant to keep kiddos soothed, safe, and healthy. We know you want to do it all, but let’s be serious, your arms are tired from all the rocking, and you could use a little help keeping track of naps and feeds through the new-parent brain fog. These products can be personalized to your family and give you support if and when you need them. Plus, they’re just plain cool.

Pro Baby Monitor

If nothing else, a baby monitor is one of those baby products new parents really can’t go without. There are a ton to choose from, but we love how professional Eufy Baby SpaceView Pro With Wide Angle Lens really is. The camera can turn nearly all the way around and it tilts more than 100 degrees up and down, meaning you should be able to find your little one in any corner of the crib. “It was nice to have the wide angle lens when my daughter moved into a toddler bed because I was able to see most of her room when she’s walking around and playing,” says one of our editors. The 5-inch hand-held monitor has an ultra-clear display, even in the darkest of rooms, the battery can last up to 30 hours, and the system includes two-way audio and soothing lullabies.

Smart Baby Monitor

With the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor, there is no additional monitor to keep by your bedside. The monitor goes wherever you go as you can view the video display on your phone or tablet. Mount the camera to the wall for a bird’s-eye view of your snoozing cutie, and then head to the app. Not only does it display an HD picture, but the system also tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and creates a timelapse of the night for you to review in the morning. We also appreciate the continuous audio stream, meaning you can listen in on the nursery even when you are in other apps or when your screen is locked. When coupled with the wearable Breathing Band, the system can also track baby’s breathing motion and send notifications should they need you.

360 Degree Video Baby Monitor and App

When it comes to Team Monitor vs. Team App, why not have both? Different days may call for different screens. The LeapFrog Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor is perfect for cozy nights on the couch when you want to get away from the group chat or the doom scrolling. Meanwhile, if you forgot to recharge the monitor (which shouldn’t happen too often with the 12-hour battery life), or if the grandparents are babysitting, the phone app lets you check in on your wee one.

Photo-taking Monitor

There are so many precious—and sometimes downright funny—moments that are captured on your baby monitor. Instead of taking a picture of the monitor, have the camera take the picture for you. The AI-powered Pixsee can track your baby’s face, take photos, and add them to the app where you can add notes and look back on when they were a swaddled newborn or a baby snuggling their lovey. 

3-in-1 Sound Machine

We love a 3-in-1! The Hatch Rest+ for Kids is a sound machine, night-light, and sleep trainer, all of which can be controlled on the device or remotely via the Hatch Sleep app. The Hatch Rest+ features customizable colorful lights and more than a dozen sounds, from white noise to lullabies, to soothe your little sleepyhead. As they reach their toddler years, you can program the color of the light to change when your child is allowed to get up. Maybe it stays purple throughout the night. If they wake up early and still see purple, they should stay in bed and rest until it turns blue at 7 a.m. (Fingers crossed!)

3-in-1 Alarm Clock

This budget-friendly version of the Hatch Rest+ Kids has similar features like a color-changing timer and soothing sounds. Additionally, the I-Code Time to Wake Alarm Clock has moon and sun symbols and a digital clock to reinforce bedtimes and help your toddler with number recognition.

Bedtime Routine System

Are you tired (excuse the pun) of this concept yet? Don’t be! The Fisher-Price Lumalou Better Bedtime Routine System is a sound machine, night-light, and sleep trainer—which has an additional, genius feature. The icons on the Lumalou help to guide your kiddo through their bedtime routine. With the app, add nighttime tasks to the screen such as changing into jammies, brushing teeth, and reading books. Your little helper can then tap the included remote when they complete each one and watch their Lumalou light up and cheer them on.

Smart Bassinet

The Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet is equipped with “cry detection” technology. A built-in mic can pick up on your baby’s whimpers and wails, which will then prompt the bed to start rocking, vibrating, and/or playing a soothing sound in real time.

Vibrating Mattress

If a bassinet can soothe, why not a mattress? The Contours Vibes 2-Stage Soothing Vibrations Crib and Toddler Mattress has three vibration settings that help babies and toddlers get more quality sleep. An independent infant sleep study showed that they slept nearly 80% longer at night and woke up throughout the night just over 60% less often when compared to other mattresses. Of course, this is a win-win for growing babies who need to sleep, and sleep-deprived parents who need to do the same. Turn the vibrations on and off with the button on the side of the mattress or with a remote that can hang outside their bedroom.

App-Controlled Humidifier

Humidifiers are a central part of making a nursery comfortable for your baby by clearing any nasal congestion caused by dry air. This LEVOIT Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is extra quiet, making it perfect for light-sleeping babies and toddlers. With the app, you can set the preferred humidity level and schedule a timer remotely. The system will automatically turn off when the water runs out, and the cool mist keeps wandering hands burn-free. Plus, we love supporting women-owned businesses. 

Smart Scale

The Hubble Grow+ Smart Bluetooth Baby Scale is a game-changer for telehealth and general peace of mind. The Grow+ measures baby’s weight, height, and head size. All of this is saved and tracked within the scale. Once the scale is connected to the HubbleClub app, you can have this information at the ready. The app also displays growth comparisons from the World Health Organization, parenting tips, sleep advice, general health tracking, and more. 

Baby Bath Tub

With this combo product, you can track your baby’s growth while they bathe. The Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3-in-1 Digital Scale Water Thermometer and Infant Tub includes both a scale and a water thermometer, keeping an eye on your kiddo’s weight and how toasty their bath is (around 100 Fahrenheit is ideal). Not only does it track your baby’s growth, but it grows with them. Recline your little one with their head toward the LCD screen, and when they are old enough to sit on their own, turn them around so their feet extend toward the screen.

Bottle Maker

As we said in our roundup of baby registry essentials, all you have to do is fill the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser with water and formula, choose your bottle size, press the start button, et voilà! The dispenser measures and mixes a warm bottle for your hungry babe, kind of like a Keurig for baby bottles. With WiFi compatibility, you can leave an empty bottle on the stand and start the process from your phone with a press of a button as soon as your baby needs a feed. You’ll be grateful when you aren’t measuring water, scooping formula, and waiting for a bottle warmer to heat up in the middle of the night.

All-in-One Tracker

We love technology (clearly), but we also love that operating the Talli Baby One-Touch Tracker is screen-free. The device helps track how long your child slept, the number of daily dirty diapers, and various types of feeds. Simply click the corresponding button, and the data is sent to the app for you to view or share with the pediatrician later. The company says, “It’s quick and easy for tired parents, and it’s simple and intuitive for nannies and grandparents,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Bottle Feeding Tracker 

With the BlueSmart Mia2 Intelligent Baby Feeding Monitor, gone are the days of tracking the tick marks on a bottle. The silicone sleeve fits around most bottles and, as you’re probably guessing, tracks how much your baby drank. Not only that, but it also times the feed and monitors the milk temperature and bottle angle. All this information can then be accessed from the app. Bonus: The Mia2 is also dishwasher safe. 

Sleep Tracker

The Owlet Dream Sock wraps around your little snoozer’s foot and monitors their heart rate, oxygen levels, movements, and sleep quality, all of which can be pulled up on your phone. The system will also alert you if it seems like your baby needs a parent. Any caregiver can appreciate this data, which can be especially comforting for parents of children with respiratory or cardiac concerns. (Of course, concerns should be discussed with your pediatrician.) The sock also works in tandem with the Owlet Cam 2, all of which we tried for ourselves

Car Seat

The pièce de résistance of the Cybex Sirona S 360 Rotational Convertible Car Seat is the SensorSafe buckle that was initially created to prevent adverse outcomes from car seat dangers. The system sends an alert to your phone if it becomes unbuckled while driving or if the temperature in the back of the car becomes too extreme. It also alerts you if the harness is still clipped after you’ve turned off your car, which could mean you’ve left your baby in their seat. We know, you think it could never happen to you, but it’s a far-too-common occurrence. Other cool (though non-techy) features include the swiveling seat which allows you to turn the seat toward you when getting your child in and out of the car, and the leg that stretches from the seat down to the floor to increase seat stability. 

Car Seat Monitor

Already have a car seat but want some additional safety features? The Elepho eClip also monitors the car temperature and, like the SensorSafe buckle (above), alerts you if you’ve left your baby in the car. We know, you think it could never happen to you, but it’s a tragic occurrence that can happen to anyone, and the eClip hopes to prevent it. Just attach it to a car seat, seatbelt, or diaper bag stashed on the floor, and your phone will receive an alert if you get too far from your child.

Paci Cleaner

The Munchkin Pacifier Portable Electric UV-Sterilizer is basically an AirPod case for your baby’s pacifier that sterilizes instead of charges. Keep it in your diaper bag or strap it to the stroller and then toss their paci inside whenever it falls on the floor (or just seems yucky). Using UV-C light, the device kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in less than a minute. Hooray, science!

Diaper Pail

Munchkin does have a strong line of sterilizers. We would be impressed if the Munchkin UV Diaper Pail only killed germs, but it also stops the stink! Thanks to a hospital-grade UV light, the internal surfaces of the pail stay sterilized. Meanwhile, the self-sealing system seals off compatible diaper bags (sold separately) keeping the odors at bay until you’re ready to fully unload the pail. 

Cleaning Cube

The Philips UV Light Sanitizer Box is a versatile sanitizer that also uses UV light to sanitize anything from utensils and water bottles to toys and electronics. Evenly place your belongings in the box and then select your cycle and function. Products can be disinfected or dried (or both), which can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on how much is in the box at one time.

App-Connected Thermometer

You have enough on your mind when caring for a sick kiddo. With the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, you don’t have to keep all those numbers in your head. The app will track your little one’s fever, play Sesame Street to keep them still while you take their temp (from their mouth, armpit, or tush) send reminders for when to give them more meds and give you an idea of when a temp can be treated at home and when you should get a doctor involved. Of course, when in doubt, trust your parenting instincts and give your pediatrician a call.

Hands-Free Stroller

Yup, even strollers have apps now. With the tap of a screen, your Cybex e-Priam will start gently moving back and forth in a rocking motion, hands-free, to settle your little cruiser. Remember that just like with the baby swing, if baby falls asleep, they should be moved to a firm, flat sleep surface like their bassinet or crib ASAP. Easily adjust the rocking intensity and duration while keeping tabs on the motorized stroller’s battery life and firmware. And trust us, when you’re pushing your tot uphill, you’ll be thankful for a full battery.

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