20 Baby Products You Need On Your Registry

By Published On: May 24th, 2022

Check out these tried-and-true (plus a few new!) beloved baby essentials.

Getting past marketing gimmicks to find the best products for your newborn can be tiring, confusing, and downright overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve parsed through the market to find the most reliable travel, nursery, bath and feeding essentials for your little one. So while you do the hard job of growing a baby, take a load off as we build your wish list.

On-the-Go Necessities

Fawn Design The Original Diaper Bag

You really can have it all! Fawn Design delivers all the necessary diaper bag bells and whistles (or should we say straps and pockets?), with the aesthetic you want—hooray for gold hardware and faux-leather! The versatile bag can be worn as a backpack, cross-body, or you can rock it on one shoulder as you tote your newbie on the other. A dozen pockets and a roomy interior keep diapers, wipes, a changing pad, bottles, spare bodysuits and other baby items organized, so you can easily find it all–even with new-parent-brain-fog. (We’ve also seen mamas use it as a breast pump bag for the office—whatever works!)

Nuna TAVO Stroller

We have major heart eyes for the Nuna TAVO. The simple setup will have you and your new baby on-the-go in no time. Plus, the ultra-smooth ride, extra padding, extendable canopy and four reclining positions mean your wee one just might catch a snooze while you cruise! And when you need to collapse your TAVO stroller, the one-handed folding mechanism makes stashing it a breeze. Available in a variety of colors and with easy care instructions (wipe it down with a cloth and toss the seat pad in the wash!), this set of wheels is a no-brainer.

Baby Jogger City Turn Convertible Car Seat

Three words: rotating car seat. We know mothers-in-law everywhere are starting their “Back in my day!” speech about baby gear, but trust us, this is a game changer. With one click of the Baby Jogger City Turn, you can rotate the rear-facing car seat toward the door, so you can easily situate or take out your infant, then simply turn it back in place for your drive. Down the line, you can swing the seat a full 180 degrees, so it faces the front and grows with your kiddo. And of course, it has all the features that new moms and mothers-in-law value: a strong and adjustable seat belt system and extra cushioning for comfort and protection.

Boppy ComfyHug Hybrid Newborn Baby Carrier

That’s right, Boppy isn’t just for nursing pillows anymore. NICU experts and parents of preemies teamed up to create the ComfyHug carrier that supports even teeny tiny babes. With a structured center panel, the ComfyHug shows that you can keep your baby safe and supported while saying no to cumbersome buckle systems. Available in six colors and patterns, the fabric carrier wraps you and your baby in the gentle hug you want and deserve.

Sleep Saviors

VTech Upgraded Smart WiFi Baby Monitor

There are parents who swear by old-school baby monitors, and those who are Team Apps. It’s not a revolutionary compromise, but we think you can have both. This VTech monitor has the parent unit for when you want to stash your phone (plus the endless emails) away. And then when you can’t access the monitor (because maybe you finally snagged a babysitter!), a quick peek at your phone can provide some much-appreciated peace of mind about your (hopefully) sound sleeper.

HALO Plushy Dot Velboa Swaddle

HALO swaddles are a true dream. We are especially partial to the soft and snuggly velboa swaddle, though the brand offers a variety of fabrics and patterns. The adaptable swaddle system means you can tuck your newborn’s arms in, up to their face, or with one or both arms out—whatever helps them catch some Zs. Plus, the inverted zipper (near their toes, not their neck) means you can tackle diaper changes without disrupting their swaddled torso.

Chicco LullaGo Nest Portable Bassinet

Chicco’s portable bassinets make sleeping in different places simple. (It’s off to grandma’s house we go!) Metal legs easily snap on and off, and the lightweight napper can be carried in parts or stowed in the included carrier. Plus, we love the ability to stash extra diapers, wipes and other newborn essentials in the front pocket for middle-of-the-night changes. While the higher price tag for the canopy and hanging toys may seem silly, you never know what will soothe your infant.

Yogasleep Hushh Compact Sound Machine

More than 17,000 Amazon users have bought and fallen in love with the Hushh. The portable baby whisperer can be clipped on your stroller or infant car seat, tossed into your diaper bag or placed in your baby’s room. Pick your preferred soothing sound, adjust the volume and go. The machine can play all night, and though you may need to charge it in the morning, you can rest assured knowing a consistent sound will help your newborn stay settled.

Feeding Time Favorites

My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow

Even without the bonus points for the brilliant name, the My Brest Friend is a winner. A top feature is the buckle that clips around your waist so you don’t have to worry about keeping the pillow and your baby in place. The firm pillow supports your baby and keeps them in an optimal position, while the raised portion gives you some much-needed back support. The My Brest Friend is praised by mothers and lactation consultants alike and can up your breastfeeding game.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi Baby Formula Dispenser

Fill the Baby Brezza with bulks of water and formula, choose your bottle size, press the start button and voila! The dispenser measures and mixes a warm bottle for your hungry babe. You’ve probably heard it before, but it truly is like a Keurig for baby bottles. Now with WiFi compatibility, you can leave a bottle in the stand and start the process from your phone as soon as your baby needs a feed. You may be skeptical of the price tag, but we promise you’ll be grateful when you aren’t measuring water and scooping formula at 3 a.m.

Dr Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

There are always new innovations in baby bottles, but Dr. Brown’s is a classic for a reason. The nipple is designed to replicate … well, the real thing, and the vent system helps with digestion. This reduces the likelihood of colic, spit ups (save the onesies!), burping and gas. Plus, being the No.1 pediatrician recommended bottle for baby’s first year isn’t too shabby.

OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack

A drying rack is a necessity that probably doesn’t match your design aesthetic, so we love this low-profile OXO Tot rack you can push against a wall or tuck inside a cabinet when company is over. The pegs are at the optimal angle for drying bottles, while the flat top and bottom can hold all the extras. Don’t be quick to dispose of it once your baby is done bottle-feeding; it can also dry their sippy cups and water bottles through their toddler years.

Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush

There’s no need to try and squish a sponge into your baby’s bottle or to cross your fingers and hope that scalding hot water will kill any lingering germs. The bristly Munchkin bottle brush easily slides into your baby’s bottle and can scrub the full interior, making it squeaky clean and stink-free. Bonus: The included mini brush is the perfect size for cleaning nipples.

NUK Comfy Orthodontic Pacifiers

Not every newborn will take to a pacifier, but if your baby is a binkie enthusiast, NUK’s orthodontic pacifiers were designed by pediatric dentists who kept healthy oral development in mind. The realistic nipple is shaped to fit your little one’s palate and makes transitioning to and from feeding simple. The dishwasher-safe, medical grade silicone pacifier conforms to your baby’s face and slides right under their nose for easy airflow.

Aden + Anais Mother Earth Organic Cotton Burpy Bibs

Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1? Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs can be thrown over your shoulder and used as a burp cloth or snapped around your baby’s shoulders as a bib. The hypoallergenic fabrics are machine washable, and the new Mother Earth line uses organic, sustainable materials. We love a duo that works overtime and keeps the planet in mind!

Bathroom Necessities

Coterie The Diaper

Not only do Coterie diapers hold 70 percent more liquid, but the cute little leg ruffles minimize the chances of a blowout, and the cashmere-like material makes diaper rash a thing of the past. (Check, check and check!) The extra comfort and leak protection means your newborn will sleep better, and for that, they deserve a round of applause. Plus, Coterie diapers are shipped directly to your doorstep; with the auto-renew feature, the company will keep track of when you need another delivery, so you can say goodbye to frantic, late-night trips to the store.

Pampers Pure Hybrid Starter Kit

For the parents who are eco-conscious but not quite sold on cloth diapers, the Pampers Hybrid Starter Kit is a low-commitment place to start. The box includes three reusable covers and 25 disposable inserts, giving new parents a feel for the transition to cloth, with a little disposable convenience for those first few bleary-eyed months of parenthood. Even if you only reach for cloth a few times, Mother Nature will thank you.

WaterWipes Biodegradable Original Baby Wipes

WaterWipes are exactly as they sound, a baby wipe formula made of 99.9 percent water plus a drop of fruit extract. The hypoallergenic, fragrance-free wipes are designed for your newborn’s sensitive skin and have been granted the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. Plus, the wipes themselves are made entirely from renewable plant fibers that will biodegrade in just three months. These wipes beg the question, “Why use anything else?”

Johnson’s Baby CottonTouch Newborn Baby Wash & Shampoo

Cut down on unnecessary bathtime steps with this multi-use wash. A baby shampoo and soap combo available in a convenient pump bottle gets your wriggly baby clean in a fraction of the time. The Johnson’s formula is designed with little eyes in mind, so even though your baby might be upset about bathing, you can be confident that their tears aren’t from a stinging soap. And as the name suggests, the product is blended with a touch of cotton, making it extra soft on baby skin.

FridaBaby Grooming Kit

The FridaBaby Grooming Kit packs all those grooming extras you may have never even thought of in one convenient pack. The double-sided finger brush keeps baby’s gums clean while protecting your finger from nibbles; baby nail clippers and files add control and comfort to your trimmings, and the hairbrush and comb keep your newborn’s locks in check.

By Rebecca Rakowitz