10 Toddler Sleep Sacks To Keep Your Tot Cozy in Bed

By Published On: December 19th, 2023

From fleece to muslin to waffle to cotton—these are some of the best toddler sleep sacks around.

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Baby sleep sacks have many benefits; they help with swaddling, offer a little extra warmth while still adhering to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) safe sleep practices, and, for some babies, provide comfort to help them sleep well throughout the night. Given all of these perks, it’s no wonder why many parents want to keep their little ones in sleep sacks past their first birthday. 

As long as you follow the size recommendations on your child’s sleep sack, it’s perfectly safe for them to continue using the wearable blanket into toddlerhood. There are all kinds of fantastic toddler sleep sacks available on the market, whether you’re looking for something warm and cozy for the winter, breathable for the summer, or all year long. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you compare and find the best one for your tot.

ergoPouch Jersey Sleep Sack

The Jersey Sleep Sack from ergoPouch has a 2.5 TOG rating, offering toddlers up to 24 months old just enough fabric to keep them comfortable in a room between 62 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This style has a slim fit, is made with stretchy, breathable GOTS-certified organic cotton, and is available in six adorable prints and colors. Available in sizes 3-24M.

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker

We love the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker option because it helps avoid trips and slips (which is particularly helpful with toddlers who tend to escape from their beds). The sleep bag features open legs, is made from super-soft, breathable bamboo fabric, and has a two-way zipper. Available in sizes 6M-4T.

Love To Dream Long Sleeve Sleep Suit

Unlike most sleep sack designs, Love To Dream’s Sleep Suit is available in a long-sleeve option, offering even more warmth and comfort. This sleepsuit features open legs for mobility, but the ankle cuffs can also be pulled down to cover the feet for bedtime. It has a medium weight for room temperatures between 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit and comes in four cute styles. Available in sizes 6M-4Y.

HALO Toddler Luxe Fleece

For extra coziness, try the Toddler Luxe Fleece sleep sack from HALO. The 12-24M and 2T sizes feature an inverted zipper for diaper changes, and the 3T option has a standard zipper so your little one can use the potty independently. Since it’s made from fleece fabric, this sleep sack is so snuggly and warm (great for wintertime!), but the open arms will help regulate your tot’s body temperature. Available in sizes 12M-3T. 

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Wearable Blanket

The soft comfort of a muslin swaddle, but make it a sleep sack. That’s basically what you get with the Cotton Muslin Wearable Blanket by Little Unicorn. The airy, breathable style is available in 10 styles and (somehow) will only get softer with every trip through the washer and dryer. Available in sizes 0-24M.

Loulou Lollipop Waffle Sleep Bag

The Waffle Sleep Bag by Loulou Lollipop is made from a mix of TENCEL and organic cotton fabrics to keep your little one warm throughout the night (but not overheating). It features a two-way zipper with a snap at the top and has an armless design to give your tot lots of room to wiggle all around. Available in sizes 0-36M.

aden + anais Organic Cotton Light Sleep Sack

For parents looking for a 100% organic option for their toddler, the Organic Cotton Light Sleep Sack by aden + anais fits the bill. The GOTS-certified sleep sack is lightweight, comfy, and manufactured with sustainability in mind. It also features an inverted zipper and is available in six gorgeous prints. Available in sizes 0-36M.

Baby Deedee Sleep Kicker Wearable Blanket

Another excellent option for wintertime isthe Sleep Kicker Wearable Blanket by Baby Deedee,, made from high-quality polar fleece fabric that is sure to keep your toddler snuggly and warm while they sleep. This sleepsuit has an open-feet design to help avoid tripping accidents, and there are four color options to choose from. Available in sizes 18M-4T.

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Toddler Sleep Sack

The 4 Season Ultimate Toddler Sleep Sack from Woolino has some of the cutest print and color options ever. Unlike most sleep sacks, this one attaches over the clothes using snaps at the shoulders (but there’s a zipper along the bottom, too, so you don’t have to remove it for easy diaper changes). It’s also made with merino wool fabric, which is breathable and perfect for wearing year-round. Available in size 2-4Y.

Milk Snob Sleep Bag

Made with a soft fabric blend and plush filling, the Milk Snob Sleep Bag keeps little ones cozy in rooms between 69-73 degrees Fahrenheit. This sleep bag is available in 15 fun colors and prints, features a two-way zipper, and will get softer with each wash. Available in sizes 0-18M.