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By Published On: October 5th, 2017
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1. Who Will you be wearing a snuggly newborn? A […]

1. Who
Will you be wearing a snuggly newborn? A sturdier tot? A wrap is a good option for the former, whereas the support a soft-structured carrier offers is a plus when it comes to toting weightier babes.

2. What
Plan to use the carrier for long walks? Or just around the house? Think you’ll want to stash it in your diaper bag, so you can pull it out for errands or impromptu naps on the run? Factor in how compactly the carrier folds and how comfortable it will be for short or long stretches of time.

3. Wear
Do you want baby to face in? Out? Maybe you’d like to strap her on your back? Different models offer different carry positions, so decide which ones appeal most to you, and select a style that fits the bill.

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