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Slay it as a single mom

“The key was deciding what I wanted and being consistent enough in being happy until I got it. I also refused to believe any of the myths about what single mothers can and cannot do!”

Food fight

Receiving mixed messages about when to introduce more than milk into baby’s diet? Consider these cues to make sure your munchkin is ready for the change of course.

How to become the parent you want to be

Like any good adventure, parenthood requires a bit of planning. Here are some helpful tips for confidently raising folks you’re proud to send out into the world.

Mom with a mission: Shahidah Al-Amin Zareef

In every April/May issue of P&N, we have the privilege of sharing a peek into the lives of a few fascinating mamas. Our hope is that you’ll be inspired, but more so that you’ll feel right at home in this wonderful sisterhood. The women in these pages are all about empowerment. Whether they’re building communities or building empires, they spend their days (and sometimes nights) striving to spread their light and love for the betterment of mothers everywhere.

Mom genes

Model, actress, “baby-maker and mama!” Andrea Fazzini makes fashion a family affair.

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