The more the merrier

Clever picks for your multiplying family.

Although there’s appeal in purchasing a do-it-all stroller—a less jam-packed garage and fuller wallet notwithstanding—it’s not the best choice for every family. Depending on your lifestyle, you might want up to three strollers.

In the early days when your wee one lacks head control and spends ample time sleeping, you’ll want a ride that is compatible with your infant car seat, includes a bassinet or features a fully reclining seat. Car seat caddies, travel systems and select stroller models fit the bill here and will be in heavy rotation for at least the first six months.

Once your babe gains control of her wobbly noggin (usually around 6-8 months) and your pediatrician gives the green light, it’s safe to bring her along during your morning jog. A three- wheeled design with absorbent shocks and a front wheel that locks will allow for the smoothest ride and, if you’re a regular runner, is a worthy investment.

By the time your squishy newbie has transformed into a sturdy tot, you’ll likely be traveling a little lighter, no longer packing a nursery’s worth of stuff every time you leave the house. You may feel inclined to switch to a more streamlined stroller at this point, too—one that weighs less, stores compactly and travels well on family vacations.


By Lauren Brockman Andre

Images: Getty Images

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