The best is yet to come

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Newborn New arrival. After nine-plus months of waiting, it doesn’t […]

New arrival. After nine-plus months of waiting, it doesn’t get much better than holding your bundle in your arms at last.

1 month
Temporary placement. Right now, you can lay your bambino on a playmat on the floor, walk away and know she’ll be exactly where you left her when you return. That doesn’t last forever, friends.

2 months
Voice recognition. Your petite sweetie knows and responds to her mama’s voice. Plus, those dreamy snuggles are the bee’s knees, aren’t they?

3 months
Smiley face. Those gummy grins will melt your heart (and finally don’t have anything to do with digestion).

4 months
Snooze button. In addition to being can’t-stand-it adorable, your tiny tot is finally starting to sleep for longer stretches, which means you can too.

5 months
Grown up. Your babe can rock tummy time, sit with assistance and maybe even roll across the floor with ease. What happened to the nonmobile baby of yestermonth?

6 months
Baby bites. It’s finally time to introduce “real food.” Cue the camera, mom. You’ll want to forever remember that funny face your munchkin makes in response to her first taste of peas.

7 months
Object of affection. Your baby adores you. She lights up every time you look her way, and that’s a pretty darn good feeling.

8 months
Playdate. Your pint-sized friend is now an active participant in activities like peekaboo. Games with giggling babies? Best. Ever.

9 months
Sound advice. There is perhaps no sweeter noise on earth than the boisterous babble of a bouncing babe. Soak up the delightful chatter.

10 months
Standing ovation. Whether she’s wobbling in a standing position with help, cruising the furniture or taking tiny steps all on her own, that baby girl has recently found her feet—a fantastic feat, indeed.

11 months
Big personality. Is she stubborn? Good-natured? A little sneaky? No matter what, she’s even better than you ever dreamed she’d be.

12 months
Dance party. Now that your baby can move and groove, crank up the music to celebrate the arrival of her big 0-1. A whole year has gone by, and every single second was the best one yet.