Sitter jitters

Worried about leaving your little one in someone else’s care? Here’s how to calm your nerves.

Quality assurance
Hire a sitter with solid babysitting experience and excellent references. (Be sure to check them!) Look for someone who is a good listener and communicator. “Her personality and values should be aligned with those of you and your children, and she should fit well within your family,” says Rachel Levy Lesser, author of Who’s Going to Watch My Kids? Working Mothers’ Humorous and Heartfelt Struggles to Find and Hold on to the Elusive Perfect Nanny.

Confidence boost
Although your first outing without baby will undoubtedly be a bit nerve-wracking, “put trust in yourself that you did all you could do to find a good babysitter,” advises Lesser. As you get to know her and she gets to know you and your baby better, you’ll all become increasingly more comfortable.

Checks and balances
To ease your anxiety, make a plan for checking in with your sitter intermittently, and then take advantage of your time away. “Try to stay focused on whatever you are doing,” suggests Lesser, whether it’s working, socializing or exercising. Your worries will soon subside, and you’ll come home feeling refreshed and ready to be reunited with your baby.



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