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Phone a friend DO ask your parenting peers for advice. […]

Phone a friend
DO ask your parenting peers for advice. They can offer valuable input on what works and what doesn’t.

DON’T put too much stock in your city-dwelling pal’s stroller recommendation if your family resides in the suburbs. If your lifestyles aren’t similar, your needs may not be either.

Ask the audience
DO read online reviews before making a purchase. There’s a wealth of feedback at your fingertips, and you’d be wise to take advantage.

DON’T let a Negative Nancy talk you out of a good product. If everybody is complaining about a tricky buckle, it’s probably a problem, but if only one reviewer has an issue with it, she may be using it incorrectly or have received a faulty one.

See for yourself
DO go to the store to test a potential piece of gear. If a local retailer stocks it, you can benefit from interacting with it in person before buying.

DON’T be shy about putting said product through the paces. Fold and unfold the stroller, try on the carrier, install the car seat in your car. (Really—you can do that!) The point of a site visit is to get a solid sense of how the item works, so make the most of the trip.

By Lauren Brockman Andre