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Go pro “Newborn photography is unlike any other kind of […]

Go pro
“Newborn photography is unlike any other kind of photography,” explains Jennifer Blakeley, co-founder of NewbornPhotography.com, an online resource that connects parents with more than 4,000 professional newborn photographers. “Your photographer is not only skilled in camera artistry, she is also skilled at handling, safely posing and working with newborn babies.” This is a scenario where it’s worth the investment to hire an expert.

Plan ahead
“Most professional newborn photographers book two to four months in advance and create their schedules around due dates,” says Blakeley. Contact a photographer to reserve a space based on baby’s expected debut. You can firm up a day and time once your wee one arrives.

Time it right
“For posed newborn photos—think baby curled up in a cute little ball of chub—aim to photograph the baby within her first two weeks of life,” advises Blakeley. “At that fresh age, babies are easy to work with to create those beautiful sleeping poses.” But don’t skip the pics if you miss the 14-day window. “With every passing day, your newborn will change and grow, and you’ll be happy to have professional images to document this time in her life.”


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