Pick a seat

Three things to consider when choosing a highchair.

Before you select a dining spot for your early eater, determine your top priorities.

1. Size of footprint
A freestanding highchair may require a little more real estate, whereas a design that pulls up to the table (or even sits atop an adult chair) could save on space. Styles that hook on or fold for storage are worth considering, too.

2. Ease of cleanup
Mealtime is all but guaranteed to be messy, so steer clear of seats with lots of cracks and crevices. Look for wipeable surfaces, dishwasher-safe trays and machine-washable fabrics instead.

3. Length of use
Whether you want a reclining seat that can be used from birth or an adaptable option that can live on as a booster or toddler chair, lifespan is a factor to keep in mind as you mull over various models and price points.

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