Packing made easy

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Birth certificate and/or passport Airlines have the right to ask […]

Birth certificate and/or passport
Airlines have the right to ask for identification and can deny boarding without it.

Extra sterile pacifiers
Pacifiers are easily dropped and exposed to germs during any type of travel. Bring sealed, unopened or thoroughly sterilized pacifiers to help babies soothe themselves on a long trip or on an airplane, especially during takeoff and landing.

Comfortable and convenient clothes
Most parents already know newborns go through several wardrobe changes daily, but mom and dad also need to bring spare outfits for themselves. It’s easy to get hosed by fresh spit-up (or worse) at any point of your trip.

Sunscreen and a hat
Ask your pediatrician if she advises using sunscreen on your baby after he is 6 months or older. Bring along a hat to help shield your baby from harmful rays during rest stops or while exploring during your trip.

Consent letter
You’re legally required to have a notarized con-sent letter from a nontraveling parent if you’re traveling abroad with your child.

Health and insurance documents
Illnesses can sneak up quickly on a baby—and an entire family—while traveling. Keep your health and related insurance documents in one place for easy access in case of an emergency.

Baby toiletries
Bring a generous supply of diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, powders and plenty of wipes and diapers. Even if you pre-order supplies on a cruise, you don’t know if a stomach bug or change in bowel movements will happen midroute.

Nursing cover
Even if you don’t breastfeed, a nursing cover can be a valuable helper. It can protect the baby from well-meaning but germ-ridden strangers who want to steal a peek, as well as provide baby with a break from the intense stimulation around him.