(Nap)time management

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If baby is down for a 15-minute catnap … For […]

If baby is down for a 15-minute catnap …

For Baby: Laundry goddess
While baby’s napping in the bassinet downstairs, take advantage of easy access to the nursery. Empty the diaper pail, and collect the dirty laundry from your little one’s hamper. Throw a load in the washing machine, and if there’s time, fold what’s sitting in the dryer.

For Mom: Personal stylist
Pick out flattering outfits (that don’t involve sweatpants!) to wear in the week ahead. Hate everything in your closet? Go through your jewelry box, and choose a few fun accessories to jazz up those basic nursing tanks.

For the household:

Walk around the house, and make a list of everything that is running low —diapers, dish soap, milk, etc. Then, text your partner to ask him to pick up what you need, or hop online to have your goods delivered to your doorstep.

If baby takes a 30-minute snooze …

For Baby: Memory maker
Get to work on your wee one’s baby book! Skip the scissors and glue (and mess) by opting to compile the memory book online. In just a few short sessions, you’ll have a collection of priceless photos and funny captions that’s ready to print and ship.

For Mom: Workout fiend
Pop in a 30-minute workout DVD, and get moving. Borrow a variety of videos from your local library (think yoga, Zumba and Pilates), so you can choose an exercise option that matches your energy level.

For the household: Meal planner
Peruse Pinterest (or crack open a few cookbooks), and find a week’s worth of seasonal recipes that look appetizing. Make note of the ingredients you don’t already have on hand, so that next time you’re at the store you can pick up exactly what you need.

If baby sleeps for a 60-minute power hour …

For Baby: Professional organizer
Get baby’s official documents in order. Scan her birth certificate, medical records, Social Security card, passport and any other important papers. Store them on a flash drive, and print out extra copies. Next, put together a list of emergency contacts for the babysitter.

For Mom: Pretty woman
Take a relaxing bubble bath or hot shower, and blow out your hair. Have extra time? Paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows, or heck, get crazy and shave your legs.

For the household: Note writer
If you can get baby to sleep in her stroller, head to a local coffee shop, and finish up your thank you notes for all of those thoughtful shower gifts. A change of scenery (and a large latte) will work wonders when it comes to boosting your productivity.


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