Name that grandparent

Not sure your mom and dad are cut out to be Grandma and Grandpa? Try these alternative titles on for size.

For Grandma
Grams, Gran, Gigi, Nana, Nanny, Mimi, Mimzy, Mami, Maymay, Masey, Mia, Babs

For Grandpa
Papa, Pops, Gramps, Grampy, Pappy, Paddy, Pop pop, Popo, Peppy, Bubba/Bub, Buster, Buddy/Bud

Go global
Look to your family heritage, and use the word for “grandmother” or “grandfather” (or a variation of it) in another language. Your mom might just love being Nonni!

User’s choice
Let the grandparents have fun with it. Maybe your dad always wanted a certain nickname … or just a different name. Doc, Sonny or even Fred are all possibilities. Or you could go with a couple’s combo: Lolly and Pop, anyone?

If you can handle the anticipation, some families wait it out and see what baby comes up with. Just be warned you could get stuck with a rather, ahem, unusual moniker. (We know a grandma who goes by Ninja—and you can bet she didn’t choose that on her own!)



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