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Social: @andreafazzini / andreafazzini.comNo place like home: New York City!Prides […]

Social: @andreafazzini /
No place like home: New York City!
Prides and joys: Izetta (4), Elena (3), Enzo (born May 2019)
Sweet or savory: Sweet! I eat at least one piece of chocolate before bed every night.
Organized or messy: Organized chaos!
Babymoon: Mallorca, Spain
Window shopper: My most frequented store would be Zara; it’s affordable and has a wide range of clothing that appeals to me. I am also obsessed with—even though I own nothing from there, I love to get inspiration and look for more affordable pieces elsewhere.

It’s all around
I am inspired by everything. I am a very visual person. I often can’t remember names but can remember how people, places and things looked and felt to the detail. I am inspired by travel and inspired by the streets of NYC. I love to people watch, and I love to be inspired by how things make me feel.

You are what you wear
Aesthetically, I like to feel like there is always a bit of a story behind my style. I would say I have an eclectic sense. I combine pieces from all sorts of different places and backgrounds—a mix of well-traveled, old and new. Also, I can never deny a good pirate sleeve (as I like to call it)—the bigger, the better.

Dress with an accent
For summer, a great flat-brimmed hat can step up any look, keeps the sun off your face (for all those melasma mamas), and can add a bit of sophistication. I specifically really love the hats Janessa Leone and Lack of Color have been creating lately. For those who aren’t into hats, invest in a great pair of sunglasses.

Wardrobe 101
You’ve got one life. Be confident in what you are wearing, get out of your comfort zone and have fun.

Maternity department
This pregnancy I have been wearing a lot of Hatch and Zara—I love a great stylish, bump- and curves-friendly jumpsuit while expecting. I also love to throw in non-maternity pieces from brands like Free People. They make great flowing dresses and tops that can last from the beginning to end.

Personal stylist
My daughters are still quite young and would choose to have ice cream and chocolate for every meal if I would let them, so I definitely keep that in mind when it comes to them learning how to dress, as well. Izetta definitely has more say of what she can wear to school, but they both understand that there is a time and place for everything. Learning to feel confident in whatever they are wearing is important to me. I want them to be equally comfortable and confident dressed to the nines, as in an old T-shirt and shorts. I do most of the shopping and styling and try to find pieces that have more of a timeless quality (much easier to pass down), while still having a fun, playful element for the girls.

Boy meets girls
It’s funny because I grew up with three older brothers, and when I was expecting my first, I thought I was so prepared to have a little boy. But when my first daughter was born, I thought, “Oh my gosh, I have so much to learn from her.” I knew she was going to teach me how to be a better woman. Then with my second daughter, it was just so perfect. I had all the girl stuff, was learning how to nail down all the hairstyles and was really into all the girl clothes. We have a special little girl squad. I have never had two best girlfriends that I have ever been so crazy about like my two little girls. When I first found out we had a boy on the way, I immediately wondered how that would affect our family dynamic. Oh, and don’t think I haven’t thought about boy diapers—I am sure that is going to be a whole new adventure! But in the end, I know we will all be the perfect fit together. Elena and Izetta will be super big sisters to a little brother, and I am excited to learn all about this little guy’s personality and am sure he will have plenty to teach me as well.

This muse’s must-haves:
1| A stellar pair of denim that makes you feel amazing.
2| A great casual-but-cool pair of sneakers. (White Supergas are my go-to for summer.) For a casual look, they can be paired with a great summer dress, or jeans or kick flares, and always look good. Plus, they are great for chasing kids at the park!
3| A super sleek hands-free diaper bag. In this stage of life, my designer bags have been packed away, but since I am carrying so much with the kids and city life, I need something I can take to set that still looks stylish and not lose any cool points. My favorite is my canvas and leather Leader Bag Co.—I wear it every single day.
4| An unexpected add-on piece. It could be a vintage jacket, great piece of jewelry, scarf or flat-brimmed hat—but just something that kicks things up a notch and makes it you. I look at it as sort of your signature; it’s what makes a regular look one-of-a-kind.
5| A great pair of sunglasses that can hide even the most tired of moms’ faces. (wink)

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