If walls could talk

… they’d share these three tips for choosing a paint color for baby’s bedroom.

Start small
Once you’ve perused the color-blocked strips at the hardware store, pick up samples of your top contenders. Then, head home and paint swatches on the wall to get a sense of how the colors will look on a larger scale. (Tip: Paint them near the crib, rocker or rug to see how the hues will complement the key players in the room.)

Check in
Stop in the nursery throughout the morning, afternoon and evening to notice how the color changes as the light does. Make sure you love the hue in bright sunlight as much as you do in the soft glow of a lamp.

Stay calm
Avoid creating an overly invigorating environment by selecting a shade that’s serene, not stimulating. Because a nursery is intended to be a place of calm and comfort to baby, pale greens, deep blues and soft pinks are preferable to bold yellows and bright reds.

Tip: Think white walls are boring? Think again. If the nursery furniture and décor will be especially colorful, a blank-slate backdrop will allow the pieces to pop.


By Lauren Brockman Andre

Images: iStock.com

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