How to make resolutions you can keep

By Published On: January 1st, 2017Tags: ,

Anyone else guilty of making a mile-long list of resolutions, […]

Anyone else guilty of making a mile-long list of resolutions, only to give up on exactly all of them within a couple weeks? Trying to conquer a host of new habits at once often leads to frustration and failure. But what if you eased into them throughout the year?

Plan it out
Come up with a dozen resolutions, and assign one to January, one to February, and so on, until the entire year is filled out. Make each one specific (think “write one blog post a week” instead of “blog more”), so it’s easier to track your success.

Take it slow
Focus on the designated resolution each month. With only a single promise to keep, it’ll be manageable (and maybe even enjoyable). After all, hitting the gym three times a week is more realistic when you’re not also trying to cook a homemade meal every night and send more snail mail to friends.

Break it down
Turn a broad goal into mini resolutions over multiple months. For example, if you’re trying to shed those leftover pregnancy pounds, focus on small steps toward weight loss—like “eat a salad daily,” and then “walk 30 minutes after work.” Minor changes can lead to major progress!

Keep it up
At the end of the month, your resolution will be habit, and you’ll be ready to tack on another challenge. Then, before you know it, it’ll be December, and you’ll have accomplished the doable dozen!