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By Published On: June 1st, 2015

Pack man Babywearing promotes bonding, soothes baby and is ideal […]

Pack man
Babywearing promotes bonding, soothes baby and is ideal for multitasking. Make sure your partner feels comfortable with the carrier, so you can literally share the load.

Man the ship
Leave your two loves home alone while you run errands or meet girlfriends for coffee. Allowing your other half some unsupervised time with baby lets him figure things out on his own terms (and boosts his confidence, too).

Milk man
Put pops in charge of mealtime. It’s an easy option for formula-feeders, and breastfeeders can offer expressed milk, as long as they’re ready to introduce a bottle.

Man of the hour
Even if you’re strictly nursing, dad doesn’t have to be excluded. When baby wakes in the wee hours, ask your man to change her diaper then bring her to you for feeding. You won’t have to leave the bed, and he won’t feel unhelpful.

Man up
Whether his swaddles stay put or his burping technique produces impressive results, verbally acknowledge your partner’s parenting strengths (and maybe even request a tutorial). It’s encouraging to hear you’re doing a good job.

Tip: Attend birth, parenting and even breastfeeding classes together, so you’re both equally briefed on all things baby. 


By Lauren Brockman Andre

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