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All aboard If your passport hasn’t been stamped in a […]

All aboard
If your passport hasn’t been stamped in a while (or you forgot what a boarding pass even looks like), the thought of adding your little one to the list of things to push or pull through an airport probably sounds intimidating. Thankfully (and we are oh-so thankful!), baby gear has evolved to meet the needs of every parent, including seasoned travelers.

The new bagrider™ not only acts a functional carry-on for solo trips, but it also converts into a 4-wheel, 5-point safety harness stroller for children 9 months to 3 years. A cushioned seat liner makes for a comfortable ride for your tot through the security line, terminal gate and onto the plane. Without a doubt, you will receive envious looks from passerby wishing they knew a product existed for simplified travel. (And it doesn’t have to be an airport, the bagrider is great for train and bus stations, too!)

By eliminating the need to bring both luggage and a push buggy, you have a (somewhat) free set of hands to buy snacks (or all those magazines you love to read while in transit), find your gate and avoid the struggles of flying with a baby or toddler.

Smooth transition
If a stroller is a must-have once you reach your destination, you may want to consider investing into a travel bag that can go straight to the luggage gate upon arrival. This travel bag comes with a freestanding base and wheels for painless maneuverability, allowing you to safely transport your gear in a protective casing. What’s more is it comes with a TSA padlock for added security.

Should you realize your hotel or AirBnB doesn’t have access to a highchair for baby’s meals, there’s no need to fret! The pod highchair™ is a light, compact clip-on seat that fits in your suitcase (or even some larger totes). It provides a hygienic solution when dining out and can adjust to any table, kitchen counter or picnic bench. It also doesn’t take up any additional space, so it’s great to use in the smallest of spaces. And don’t worry mamas, this seat is sturdy and very secure. You’ll wish you had one all along.

This post was made in partnership with Mountain Buggy, a line of travel-friendly products to help get you from point A to B with baby in tow.