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Sometimes (almost always, actually) it’s the moms who have been […]

Sometimes (almost always, actually) it’s the moms who have been there and done that who are the real experts. To make sure you’re equipped with the best travel advice out there, we tapped our social media friends to spill their tips and tricks. (Have your own mama wisdom to share? Post it on our Facebook page or Instagram feed.)

Dress your baby in as cute of an outfit as you can. It sounds shallow, but in our experience, people are way more tolerant of a crying baby/whiny toddler when she looks super adorable.
Atlee Hayes, via Facebook

Confirm that your airline returns gate-checked strollers at the arrival gate (rather than baggage claim) to avoid a layover without a stroller.
—Amanda Khoury, via Facebook

I have found that what’s most important is a confident, relaxed attitude. Don’t stress! You can do this.
shopellalou, via Instagram 

Nurse on demand; fly first class if you can; book a seat near the bathroom.
lipstickmanual, via Instagram

Always bring an extra change of clothes for you. Accidents will happen—on you—and airplane blankets do not make cute wrap dresses.
modmama_julie, via Instagram

We let our 13-month-old run around in an empty area of the airport just before boarding to burn off some energy.
rachelsaito, via Instagram

If traveling with an older baby who’s mobile, book the longest leg of your flight during naptime.
Heather Peeples, via Facebook 

One of the best things we did was sing quietly to our 7-month- old twins to soothe them. It was a great trick to help them calm down.
zzbaby715, via Instagram

Make sure you change baby’s diaper right before boarding.
Flor Warner, via Facebook

Use a carrier. I wore my 11-week-old the whole time, and she did not cry at all.
Sarea Rivera, via Facebook 

Always remember people are nice and will lend you a hand if you need it!
—Joanne Rodriguez, via Facebook

Make sure you pack snacks for yourself in case baby is keeping you busy when the snack cart rolls by.
meg_tini, via Instagram

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