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Capsule wardrobe Parenting

Capsule wardrobe

Outfit your newbie for his first season.

Thanks to generous friends and family, you’ll likely end up with a dresser full of pint-sized apparel for your babe. But beyond frilly pink dresses and itty-bitty bow ties, there are a few practical pieces you’ll want to have on hand for everyday wear. As you take stock of your wee one’s wardrobe, make sure these essentials are included.

  • 4+ side-snap shirts or bodysuits (so you don’t have to tug them over your newborn’s wobbly head)
  • 5+ pants or leggings
  • 7+ bodysuits (both short- and long-sleeved)
  • 6+ sleepers (or 5+ gowns)
  • 8+ pairs of socks (because you’re sure to lose one or two on outings)
  • 3+ infant hats
  • 2+ mittens (to keep those razor-sharp nails from scratching)
  • Shoes (which are optional, really, but you don’t want those tiny tootsies to freeze)
  • Season-appropriate attire (think sweater, swimsuit, snowsuit, etc.)

Keep in mind your babe will likely cycle through more outfits than you typically do, thanks to a combination of spitup, drool and diaper explosions. Seven bodysuits may seem like a lot when he’ll outgrow them in a couple months, but it’s worth having a substantial stash.


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