2014 fascinating mom: Cinda Boomershine

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This month, we’re celebrating our third annual Five Fascinating Moms feature in Pregnancy & Newborn. The common thread of motherhood connects them—and us—on our journeys through pregnancy and parenthood. As you read the stories of these remarkable moms, it is our hope that you will not feel inconsequential or underachieving but rather supported by a community of strong and beautiful women, like yourself, and empowered to be the best mom you can be.

Cinda Boomershine is married to her high school sweetheart, founder of the fashionable cinda b USA travel bag and tote company, a former co-host of multiple design television shows and a mom of two. But the Vanderbilt-educated, highly motivated mama’s dreamy reality didn’t come to fruition without a good bit of hard work and persistence. “It took us many years full of tears and struggle before we finally became parents,” says Boomershine, who lost her first daughter after a premature birth due to uterine fibroids and then went on to suffer five heartbreaking miscarriages. “My daughter, Belle, was pregnancy No. 7, and my son, Ryland Walter, was pregnancy No. 8. It was an incredibly difficult journey, but in hindsight, I am so thankful for the experience.”

Boomershine credits three things for giving her the strength to continue on her long and trying road to motherhood. Sharing her struggles with close friends and family and leaning on them for support was essential, she says. Joining a local infertility support group was also a huge help. The other key factor was taking control of her situation, she explains. “I educated myself and researched as if I were getting a PhD.” Her problem was unique and stumped many doctors, but after seeing several specialists who said they couldn’t help, Boomershine finally found a dedicated doctor who was willing to help her come up with a treatment plan. “It was a plan he hadn’t done before, but he was willing to give it a try,” she says. “And it worked—twice!” In fact, the doctor has even been able to successfully implement similar courses of action with other patients, Boomershine reports proudly.

Having just welcomed her son into the world at age 41, Boomershine admits her winding path to motherhood has left her on the older side of the age spectrum when it comes to her mom friends. But, she says, “While it would have been nice to be a tad bit younger when I became a parent, I cherish the perspective I have as an older mom. I like to think I have more patience, time and appreciation for my children than I would have as a younger mom.” Another perk? Her company is more established now, so she’s not quite as crazy with work. Besides, Boomershine points out, “Age is just a number, and I certainly feel and act much younger than [41].”

Although the mature mom had plenty of time to enjoy adulthood before children, she’s quick to eschew any remark suggesting that her life is over now that she has kids. “Sure, our life has changed, but it is a change we desperately wanted and worked very hard to make,” she says. “Overall, we do the same things … we just have fabulous new family members to do them with. Plus, we have exponentially more fun, love and laughter in our lives than we did before.”

Meet Cinda Boomershine.
: 41
Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Founder of cinda b USA
Children: Belle (2), Ryland Walter (1 month)
Website: cindab.com
Favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day
Quirkiest habit: Hasn’t eaten red meat since falling in love with the baby cow named Norman in the movie City Slickers
Strangest pregnancy craving: Pineapple orange juice

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By Lauren Brockman Andre

Image: Courtesy of Cinda Boomershine