6 ways to save money on baby gear

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1. Create a registry. Not only will registering allow others […]

1. Create a registry.
Not only will registering allow others to help make some headway in your baby gear acquisition, but it might also come with some extra perks— like a complimentary goodie bag or registry completion discount.

2. Stagger your spending.
Buying a stroller, glider and car seat in one fell swoop is a surefire way to ignite financial anxiety. Try spacing out your costs over the course of your pregnancy, so your checking account has time to bounce back between big-ticket purchases.

3. Wait a while.
Don’t feel like you have to have everything before your babe arrives. Chances are she won’t be using a highchair or activity center for several months, so you can put off paying for them for a bit.

4. Opt for new-to-you.
Many baby things are used for only a few months before they’re outgrown, which means secondhand shops stock a selection of goods that still have plenty of life left in them. Just be conscious of potential safety concerns or recalls, and always buy new when it comes to car seats, cribs and breast pumps.

5. Try before you buy.
If you’re not sure you’ll actually get much use out of a sling, ask a mom friend if you can borrow hers for a week or two. After a trial run, you’ll know whether it’s a worthwhile investment.

6. Think long-term.
Dropping a little extra dough upfront can save dollars in the long run—think gear that grows with baby or even that diaper bag you really love. Don’t settle for a so-so option just because it’s less expensive. Save for what you really want, and enjoy it for years to come.


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