5 fussy baby fixes

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Babies cry. It’s a universal truth. (After all, crying is […]

Babies cry. It’s a universal truth. (After all, crying is how infants communicate.) So, don’t take those tears to heart, and the next time your sweetie is sobbing—try these five strategies to restore the peace.

1. Snuggles
When you were pregnant, your newbie was held nonstop, so sometimes all she needs is a good cuddle. Hold her close enough to feel your heartbeat, pat her back, or slip on a baby carrier that can keep her snug and your hands free. You can also mimic that cozy feeling of womb life by swaddling her.

2. Motion
Motion Before she was born, your babe was lulled to sleep by the sway of your strut, which is why babies relax when they’re gently moving. You can rock in a glider or stand and sway—or you can find a swing or bouncer to double as your stand-in.

(Another option: Go for a drive. I remember one time my then-newborn was screeching from the backseat only to fall suddenly asleep three seconds after I backed out of the garage. It was like magic!)

3. White noise
Speaking of a rumbling car engine, white noise works wonders at consoling a crier. It can be a machine designed specifically for the task—though a running dishwasher can function just as well—or your own shushes.

4. Sucking
If baby is screaming, offer a breast or bottle. She might be hungry, but even if she isn’t, sucking is a calming reflex for infants (which means pacifiers are good, too). And breastfed bubs could find your scent or the skin-to-skin contact comforting as well.

5. Change of scenery
There are times that all I have to do is step outside and my little guy will settle down (perhaps he’s simply distracted by the new sights and sounds—but either way it works). Go for a walk to get some fresh air. Or, if it seems baby is overstimulated, take the opposite approach and dim the lights to help her unwind.

By Chantel Newton

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