4 things to consider when choosing a baby name

Before assigning your tot her forever title, be sure to ask these important questions.

1. What does the name mean?
While some people don’t put much stock in meanings, others wouldn’t dream of saddling a kid with a name that means unfortunate (Mallory) or bitter (Molly).

2. What will baby’s initials be?
Abbott Sailor Smith might not love jotting down his initials; Fiona Kate Umbridge might be hesitant to have anything monogrammed.

3. How popular is baby’s name?
Maybe you want something trendy; maybe you want your tot to be the only Zebulen in class. Either way, you should check recent top 100 lists to see where your choice falls.

4. How will this name sound when your baby’s an adult?
“Keep in mind that the baby you are naming will eventually be a kindergartner, a college and job applicant, a mature person—so don’t try to be too cute or cool,” advises name expert Linda Rosenkrantz.


Images: iStock.com

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