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Storq Basic Bundle Review, Pregnancy & Newborn
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You have a lot of decisions to make when you’re […]

You have a lot of decisions to make when you’re pregnant, so the last thing I want to do was put a great deal of brain power into building a whole new bump-friendly wardrobe. But I really needed to update my closet because my shirts were getting dangerously short, and the rubber band wasn’t going to hold my prebaby jeans on forever. Enter Storq.

Storq prides itself on providing well-made maternity clothes that can carry you through your entire nine months—and beyond. But you won’t find any bright colors or fun prints here. Storq is all about the basics, which as a minimal-loving millennial I was really excited about. Plus, I’ve found that as long as you have your core pieces, you can easily layer on more pattern, color and texture with pieces from your existing wardrobe.

The goal of the Basics Bundle is to get you all of your daily essentials in one. But how does the Storq Basic Bundle hold up?

It includes a pair of black leggings (with a panel that stretches over your bump or tucks under it), a black pencil skirt, a black T-shirt dress and an extra-long white tank.

These pieces are in regular rotation for me. I wear three of the four at least once a week—the leggings a whole lot more. I won’t give you a number because it’s just embarrassing. They are all super comfortable, which has become my primary concern about anything I put on my body now that I’m harboring a fetus. Comfort is key!

I will say that the leggings aren’t quite as opaque as I’d like, so I only wear them under dresses and long shirts that cover my rear. However, I totally wear them as pants at home. (Shh! Don’t tell the UPS guy!)

I don’t get a ton of wear out of the skirt, but it might be because my pregnancy falls mostly in the chillier months, so I tend to opt for the dress to have one more layer on up top. Maybe it if were warm out I’d break out the skirt more. But the other three are staples in my closet. In fact, my co-workers are probably sick of seeing them … or maybe they haven’t even noticed because they are such classic pieces.

If, like me, you don’t think you’d utilize all four pieces enough to justify the investment, I have good news. You can also buy each of these items individually, so go ahead and pick and choose what you love!

Aside from not wearing the skirt a ton (the number of times I’ve worn the dress kind of makes up for it), my only caveats are these two things: (1) I really wish you could choose a black or white tank. Black is my jam, so the white took some getting used to. (2) I REALLY wish you could choose different sizes for each item instead of one size for everything. My top half is generally smaller than my bottom half, but I didn’t mind things being a tad roomy up top with my ever-expanding bump. It would just be a nice addition!

Price: $250

To buy, visit their website here.

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