Upspring Shrinkx Belly Wrap


"I felt more tight and "together," which helped keep my mind on my wee one instead of my stomach. It may sound silly, but seeing a semi-familiar silhouette in the mirror after delivering was relieving, and the added support did wonders for my back (especially while also wearing a baby)."

Upspring Shrinkx Belly Wrap2018-02-13T03:20:26-05:00

Preggers by Therafirm legwear


"Not only does Preggers legwear look and feel great, but they also come packed full of benefits for your blossoming body. The key lies with the gradient compression."

Preggers by Therafirm legwear2018-01-31T20:04:34-05:00

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow


"It's shaped like a comma, which means it is perfectly suited to the task of comfortably curving around your body. And there are so many different options for support depending on where you need it most!"

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow2019-01-25T10:03:05-05:00

Bloomlife contraction tracker


"With Bloomlife you won't have to sit there and wonder, was that a contraction? You finally have something that can verify what you're feeling, so you can confidently know when you are in labor."

Bloomlife contraction tracker2018-02-13T03:20:36-05:00

Storq Basic Bundle


"They are all super comfortable, which has become my primary concern about anything I put on my body now that I'm harboring a fetus. Comfort is key!"

Storq Basic Bundle2019-01-24T11:57:00-05:00
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