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I’m absolutely smitten with the Graco Modes 3 Lite Click […]

I’m absolutely smitten with the Graco Modes 3 Lite Click Connect Travel System, which includes the SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat. It is  versatile and user-friendly, and I love that I can use it for my growing child. It transitions nicely from infant stroller to toddler stroller, and it can be used in many different configurations.

You can use the stroller with just the car seat or just the toddler insert, or you can leave the toddler insert in and place the car seat on top of it. I like using just one or the other because it’s more streamlined (and aren’t we all aiming for streamlined?).

You also have flexibility in which direction your child faces. If you use the stroller with just the car seat or toddler insert, you can face your child toward you, so that you can watch him as you push the stroller. Alternately, you can face him away from you, so that he can look forward and take in the sights. (If you use the car seat and the toddler insert at the same time, you can only face the child toward you in the car seat.)

One of my favorite things about this travel system is how easy it is to carry and fold up. The stroller is incredibly light and folds nicely to fit in any size trunk or store compactly in the hall closet. If you use the travel system with the car seat, all you have to do is lift up on the car seat’s lever (like you would to take it out of the car) and lift it off of the stroller. Then, lift up on the red strap in the middle of the stroller to fold it completely. Easy peasy.

GracoModes3Lite3If you use the stroller with the toddler insert, you can leave the insert in and simply lift up on the red strap in the seat. If you’d like to remove the toddler seat entirely, it also comes off easily. (On either side of the stroller, you’ll see a gray lever similar to the red one on the back of the car seat. To remove the insert, lift up on those levers at the same time and lift the insert out.) The insert can then also be stored without taking up much space at all.

I did find it to be difficult attach the car seat to the stroller at times because if you don’t hold the car seat at the right angle in the correct spot (the large circles on the sides of the stroller and car seat handle should all match up), it will not click into place. It takes bit of practice to get the car seat situated on the first few tries, so I’d recommend trying it out at home before attempting it in a mall parking lot.

I really like how easy the travel system is to maneuver. Strollers can be incredibly bulky and hard to move around, especially in elevators and stores. This travel system turns on a dime and has a very smooth ride. I’ve almost never had an issue maneuvering in and out of a tight elevator or around a disorganized department store. The only time the stroller has been too big to fit through aisles was when the space was barely wide enough for a person to fit through without hitting something!

There’s ample storage space underneath the stroller, which means I can fit more than just a diaper bag in the basket. I can also fit a fairly large handbag as well as a shopping bag or two.

There are two cupholders for whoever is pushing the stroller, as well as a little tray. I can put a drink for myself and a bottle for the baby in the cupholders, and my phone or keys in the tray. The toddler insert comes with two cup holders, so a sippy cup and snack cup can be placed down there.

It’s worth mentioning that the car seat component of the travel system is fantastic. It’s is incredibly easy to install and transfer from car to car. All you have to do is loop the seat belt through the large holes on the base, click in the car seat, and you’re good to go. The car seat also fits nicely in both small and large cars. Even in smaller cars, grown men can sit in the back seat by the baby and not be squished.

Overall, I absolutely love this travel system. It’s easy on the eyes, as well as to store and use. It’s definitely something that I would recommend to friends and that I’m going to continue to use as my little one grows.

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