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As a first time mom, baby gear can be incredibly […]

As a first time mom, baby gear can be incredibly intimidating to say the least. However, if all baby gear is as easy and convenient as the Evenflo Pivot travel system, we may just survive this new adventure.

Our system arrived in one very large box and within minutes, my husband had the stroller base put together. The installation was easy, no tools needed. With a few clicks my husband had installed the wheels and opened up the stroller frame. The system came with two different seat options, however it can be used in three different ways. The stroller is compatible with the SafeMax infant car seat (included) but also a toddler seat, which can transition into a bassinet for the newborn stage. The stroller and car seat both came with a very clear and concise instruction manual, with pictures, which helped us to navigate the installation process.

The SafeMax Infant car seat, which holds up to 35 pounds, looks remarkably comfortable for a newborn. The seat pad is plush and soft, but also removable and machine washable, which is particularly important for those “accidents” that happen. While comfort for the baby is important, as a former pediatric intensive care nurse, safety is one of my top concerns when it comes to a car seat. The SafeMax Infant car seat meets all the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. The base also comes with a recline indicator to ensure the base is installed in the vehicle in the correct position based on the child’s weight. The harness and waist straps are also adjustable to ensure proper fitting as the child grows. All of these safety features were incredibly important to me. Once we had the base installed, it was time to try to snap in the car seat, which was very easy to do. The handle on the back of the car seat also allowed for easy lifting into and out of the base.


We decided to try to snap in the car seat to the stroller since we were on a roll and were excited with how easy the installation had been so far. However, this task was slightly more cumbersome than I had anticipated. While the car seat simply snaps into the base (the handle hub on car seat snaps into the mounts on stroller base on each side), it has to be inserted at the correct angle. Being new to this, it may take some time and practice for me to have a smooth transition from car to stroller. However, once in place, the car seat on the stroller base is incredibly convenient. The stroller’s large plastic wheels and ergonomic handle make for lightweight and easily handling.

I was a little concerned at first that the handle is not adjustable, as I am 5’2 and my husband is 6’1. However despite this, the stroller is incredibly comfortable to push for both of us. It can literally turn on a dime, even when pushing through grass and rocky terrain such as gravel. We also installed the drink holder to the side of the stroller for our convenience. While it’s a little flimsy, it had no problem holding my Starbucks cup. The car seat also has a canopy to help shield the sun and/or rain: Just make sure you pull from the middle, as it can sometimes open a little lopsided. The stroller base also has a large basket area for storage, perfect for a diaper bag, purse and maybe even a few shopping bags.

Next, we wanted to see how easy the transition would be from the car seat attachment to the toddler seat/carriage mode, since we can only use the car seat up to 35 pounds, but the stroller is able to accommodate up to 50 pounds. The toddler seat installed in the same manner as the car seat, with the mounts on each side attaching to the base. While this again was slightly awkward for me, with a little practice, it will become second nature.

The toddler seat has the ability to recline and comes with a peekaboo screen on the canopy. There is also a cup holder and tray that can be attached. To transition the toddler seat into carriage mode, we simply had to lift a lever and the seat reclined all the way back horizontally; a buckle on the underside of the seat allowed for the feet area to open up from a compressed position used in toddler mode into a bassinet. The seat also comes with a removable cover that wraps around the frame of the bassinet while in the carriage mode. This conversion from toddler seat to carriage mode literally took us seconds.


Overall we are astounded with the ease and convenience of the Pivot, as well as the quality. We opted for the casual grey color scheme, but the system also comes in a sandstone color combination as well. From the padding and material, to the solid construction, while maintaining a lightweight and easily maneuverable product, we are excited to put our new travel system to use!

Price: $300
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