Chicco Viaro Travel System

By Published On: October 1st, 2016

We received the Chicco Viaro Travel System right before our […]

We received the Chicco Viaro Travel System right before our firstborn arrived, and after several months of putting it to the test, I’m happy to report my baby, husband and I are all big fans.

My husband had the stroller assembled in no time at all, and we were pleased right away to find that it easily folds up for storage and transport. It fits in our baby’s small closet, as well as in the back of our trunks, with room to spare. I have found this stroller to be safe and sturdy without the added bulk that often comes with travel systems.

The car seat can also be inserted into the stroller smoothly and conveniently, so a newborn can comfortably ride in the stroller while remaining in the car seat. It makes transferring our son from the car to the stroller a breeze! When the car seat is inserted in the stroller, the baby is rear-facing, so he can easily be seen by his caretaker.

Once baby gets bigger, the stroller can be used without the car seat. The seatback can be adjusted, so baby can recline for naps on the go or sit upright to observe the wonders of the world. This stroller has a 50-pound weight limit, so it can be used well into the toddler years.

The Viaro handles well on our family walks around the neighborhood. The front wheels have the ability to swivel, and thus turn effortlessly, and the stroller is also lightweight, making it very easy to push. This stroller is best suited for sidewalks and paved surfaces, and I have taken this stroller on long walks without any issues. When you are not walking, the stroller has a foot brake on both of its rear wheels, so it can be immobilized quickly and with little effort. The foot brakes are easy to engage and disengage. Once the brakes are applied, the stroller can be folded with the simple push of a button.

One of my favorite features of this stroller is its storage capacity. The stroller has a total of four cup holders. Two of the cup holders are in the front for the child to use, and there are two additional cup holders near the stroller’s handlebars for the pusher of the stroller. These cup holders are perfect for extra baby bottles, soda cans and, in my case, Starbucks!

Additionally, the stroller has trays for both the child and the pusher of the stroller. The adult tray is perfect for small items, such as a cellphone, wallet or keys, and the child tray is perfect for snacks and small toys. The stroller also has available storage behind the seat, which is accessible from the rear of the stroller. This storage compartment is perfect for holding a purse, diaper bag, blankets or other baby supplies. All of the storage that this stroller provides makes traveling with a little one simple and stress-free!


We love the KeyFit 30 Car Seat that’s included with the travel system as well. It is surprisingly lightweight, and it is very easy to click into both the car seat base and the Viaro Stroller. (We got an extra base for my husband’s car, so either one of us can handle daycare drop-off. It’s the way to go!) This car seat fits perfectly in the rear center seat of both my small SUV and my husband’s sedan, and it leaves plenty of room for car passengers to sit on either side of the installed car seat.

Additionally, the car seat straps are easy to adjust so that baby fits snugly, yet comfortably, in the car seat. The car seat is also able to grow with baby. It has removable infant insert padding, which can be taken out when baby gets bigger, and it has a weight limit of 30 pounds. I will definitely continue to use this car seat as long as my son can fit in it.chiccoviaro5Overall we’ve been very pleased with the Chicco Viaro Travel System and have found it’s made our venture into parenthood a pretty smooth ride. We can’t wait to recommend it to our friends and siblings as they start having kids!

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