Building Baby’s First Library

By Published On: October 13th, 2021

Reading aloud is an activity you can do with your newbie from the very start. While you may simply be enjoying shared storytime, reading also has many benefits for your baby’s development. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents read aloud to their children every day, beginning in infancy through kindergarten and beyond.

Reading is one of the most effective ways to foster early literacy skills and set your child up for future reading success. It also builds language and social-emotional skills while introducing your baby to the world through colors, shapes, sounds and words, as well as people, places and events from around the globe and throughout history. Snuggling together and soothing your sweetie with a story is an excellent way to wind down before bedtime and bond at any time of day.

Does it matter what books you read? The best choices are ones that you both enjoy and encourage interaction. Point to the pictures, ask questions, try out funny voices and just have fun together. The more you can add reading into your daily routine, the better!

To start your bitty’s first library, add a few favorite titles to your baby registry, or encourage friends and family to gift a special book for your baby shower. Looking for some fresh ideas? We’ve rounded up our current favorite picks from Quarto Kids to get you started.

“ABC for Me: What Can She Be?: Girls Can Be Anything They Want to Be, from A to Z”

A fun approach to learning the alphabet, this board book presents a world of career possibilities from astronaut to zoologist. Bright, colorful illustrations depict girls of all colors, shapes, sizes and nationalities in various occupations, encouraging your little one to dream big.

Frida Kahlo Doll and Book Set: “For the Littlest Dreamers”

This beautiful gift set includes a Frida Kahlo board book from the “Little People, BIG DREAMS” series and a Frida Kahlo plush doll. Your tot can snuggle up with their very own doll and enjoy the book’s modern, quirky illustrations while learning the inspiring story of this famous painter.

“David Bowie: My First David Bowie” Board Book

Foster inspiration with the incredible life of David Bowie. From the “Little People, BIG DREAMS” series, this title’s simple sentences and stylish illustrations explore the iconic rock-and-roll artist’s musical journey.

“Hello You, Hello Me” Baby’s First Mirror Book

This sensory-rich read from Wee Gallery will brighten your baby’s day. With soft and crinkly pages, this cloth book features bold illustrations of familiar objects and animals that your child can greet one by one while practicing visual and language skills.

“Goodnight You, Goodnight Me” Baby’s First Mirror Book

End the day as you began it—page through this beautiful cloth book and say goodnight to various objects and animals, including a star, car, bunny and bee. The mirror at the end gives your sleepyhead the chance to wish “you” and “me” goodnight, too, making this a perfect bedtime story.

“Step into The Nutcracker” Board Book

Introduce your sprout to the traditional story of The Nutcracker with this exquisitely crafted work of art. Engaging text and high-contrast illustrations are set on die-cut, layered pages, revealing each scene in a captivating, tactile experience.

“Step into Alice and Wonderland” Board Book

Share the classic story of Alice and Wonderland with bright, colorful scenes that combine a simple narrative with die-cut shapes. With each turn of the page, the interactive illustrations expand as a new layer is revealed, delighting your child and sparking their imagination.

“Baby Loves Earth: An ABC of Our Planet” Board Book

This intriguing book allows your little one to explore the world while learning their letters. Tapping into trends that matter, each page features an eco-focused word and a bold graphic illustration depicting our planet, how it’s changing and how we can care for it.