Top 5 Items Missing From Your Baby Shower Registry

By Published On: August 20th, 2021

Building a registry may seem obvious to the first-time mom: stroller, car seat, baby carrier, check, check, check. But between weighing bassinet options and styling diaper bags with your post-pregnancy wardrobe, a few essentials can slip through the cracks that will make a big difference by the time your little one comes along. Take it from our team: We wouldn’t allow these lifesavers to be left off our own baby registry checklist and hope you’ll do the same—your peace of mind will thank you!

1. Anti-Mold Humidifier

There are so many reasons to use a humidifier with a new baby, yet it’s common for parents to wait until their wee one has their first cold before sprinting to the nearest drug store to grab whatever is available.

Not only is a humidifier recommended for helping ease infant coughs and colds, it also promotes better sleep and is important for breastfeeding. (Newborns are obligate nose-breathers for the first few months of life and require clear, moisturized nasal passages for feedings.) The Canopy humidifier is unique in that it uses mist-free technology free from bacteria and particles, keeping output clean and mold growth at bay. It’s a needed piece of baby gear you’ll be grateful to have at the first sign of sniffles.

Tip: If you’re banking on using a product you already have on-hand, make sure it’s at least a cool-mist humidifier (versus warm), as it’s preferred for homes with children.

Registry Items Canopy Mist Free Humidifier

Canopy x Lalo Humidifier Starter Set (with aroma subscription), $125

2. Zipped Pajamas

We know those bitty baby clothes with the snaps and buttons are too adorable for words, but trust us when we say zippered onesies and jammies are the way to go. When it’s the middle of the night and you’re diapering a hungry wiggle-worm on the changing table, you’ll want the process to be as quick and seamless as possible. (Plus, fumbling with countless snaps while sleep deprived is enough to drive any new mom and little batty.) Stock up on these organic zip-friendly baby products and keep things simple.

Registry Items Honest Baby Clothing Zipped Pajamas

Honest Baby Clothing Organic Footed Pajamas, $15 each

3. Portable Sleeping Nook

If you’ll be traveling with baby, it’s imperative to have a sleep plan in place while away from home. (Because no one’s enjoying vacation if there’s no sleep to be had.)

One of the best ways to keep nighttime consistent is to use a SlumberPod. This A-list blackout tent keeps your child’s sleep environment dark no matter where you’re visiting. It easily fits a Pack-n-Play inside; add in your white noise sound machine, and baby will be back in the business of catching Z’s. It’s absolutely worth the splurge, and considering it’s currently being restocked, we’d say plenty of new parents agree.

Registry Items SlumberPod Sleep Nook

SlumberPod Portable Sleep Nook, $170

4. Baby-Safe Cleaning System

There’s a good chance you’ve already been given some bottle soap, which is great! But there are countless things you’ll be constantly wiping in the near future, and we don’t mean your tot’s tiny booty during diaper changes.

From the bouncer to the changing pad to the high chair, there’s nothing spit-up can’t cover, but common household cleaners are not approved for use around your newborn. The Healthynest Cleaning System comes with a safe, environmentally friendly concentrate that can operate as a dish soap for baby bottles and breast pump parts, a foaming hand soap, an all-purpose surface spray and a baby laundry detergent. It’s a great option for replacing multiple cleaners in your home with one mindful solution. (Bonus: It also comes with refillable stainless steel bottles.)

Healthynest Cleaning System, $90

5. An Indoor-Outdoor Mat

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that you’ll question the cleanliness of every surface after birth, especially the floors. A portable, easy-to-clean play mat is a baby registry must-have because it provides a proper landing for tummy-time, post-blowout cleanups, snacks or crafts and much more.

We love this perfectly sized mat from Gathre that’s made from quality materials and great on the go. It’s also ideal for putting under the high chair to make mealtime less messy.

Gather Mini Mat, from $52