TikTok Moms’ Want-Haves

By Published On: April 10th, 2023

Some millennial moms are easily influenced by trendy products they see being hyped up on TikTok. It's me. I'm moms.

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What can I say? I’ve basically transformed into Amy Poehler’s notorious Mean Girls mom-character, June George. The Gen Z girls on TikTok keep me young.

Maybe I’m searching for some kind of fountain of youth in the form of “it girl” products that I’m finally financially stable enough to purchase. Perhaps those “must-have” buys really are “musts” for a reason. Whatever the case, I’m not ashamed to say I’m just a basic mom sitting in front of my phone screen, being heavily influenced by social media.

Given the rising cost of, well … everything, I’ve decided to call these viral “TikTok made me buy it” products “want-haves” rather than must-haves. Don’t get it twisted, thoughjust because we’re all aware of the state of the economy doesn’t mean we have the willpower to resist these mom-favorite products that keep popping into our feeds. Quite the contrary, actually. Because, let’s face it—we don’t need these want-haves, we just neeeeeeeed them.

Belt Bag

Yes, it’s a fanny pack, but it looks cooler when worn across your chest (TikTok says so), and it’s convenient, lightweight, and practical as heck. No more digging around a diaper bag for your debit card; just put your essentials in the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag and keep it around your chest for easy access. This pack also gets you off “can you hold this for me?” duty. Sorry, Chad, no room.

Insulated Tumbler

Do we already have a dozen tumblers and mugs and one giant plastic jug we earned for each kid we birthed at the hospital? Yes, but we also need this one. I know it sounds made up, but the Stanley Cup insulated tumbler has really increased my water intake. I don’t get that weird metallic taste that I get from other metal tumblers, it keeps my drinks oh-so-cool, and I feel oh-so-cool sipping from it. Just let me have this, OK?

UGG Tasman Slippers

These UGG Tasman Slippers are so popular they’re either always out of stock or on backorder. While they’re not exactly my style, they do look enticingly warm and comfy and the demand for them makes me think I need these.

SOL DE JANEIRO Cheirosa ’71 Body Mist

The scent of SOL DE JANEIRO Cheirosa ‘71 Body Mist Caramelized Vanilla and Macadamia has been described as smelling like everything from caramel popcorn to cookies to Werther’s Original candies. Though the brand sells products with different scents, this addictive elixir has seemingly taken TikTok by storm. *adds to cart*

Dad Sneakers

Once considered the stereotypical “dad shoe,” New Balances are suddenly en TikTok vogue. Between the fanny packs, dad sneakers, and butterscotch, methinks the vibe everyone’s going for is “tennis elbow tourist chic.”

Ice Rollers

Skin care is all the rage, which is a far cry from the days some of us were fake tan-obsessed, caked on our makeup, and then slept in it overnight. Honestly, we’re here for it. Tools like jade rollers, UV light therapy, and this Roselynboutique Ice Roller that gives your skin the awesome benefits of cryotherapy are all TikTok trends that are good for you. Maybe the new Mean Girl mom slogan should be, “You girls keep me looking young.”

Retro House Slippers

These plush slippers are fuzzy, comfy, and nostalgic. The giant smiley faces adorned on these YJJY Smiley Face Slippers are giving us all the ‘90s vibes; these cozy, retro statement pieces make a great gift for a mom-to-be or a treat for yourself. “Happy feet” takes on a whole new meaning unless, of course, you’re stomping away from a tantrum because you made the unforgivable mistake of serving your child the exact freaking food items they asked for five minutes ago.

Claw Clips

Speaking of nostalgia, remember claw clips? Well, if you haven’t heard, hair claw clips, like these ones from CHANDAT, are back with a fun, mod new look. Now younger generations get to experience the joy of looking super cute but not being able to lean their heads against anything or lay on their backs without searing pain. Ah, the good old days.

Biker Shorts

Meet your new momiform staple: The biker short. These bad boys from BALEAF show off more than their predecessor, leggings (which we’re not giving up on, don’t get it twisted), but cover enough to keep all our bits and baubles feeling safe and secure.

Liquid Blush

This dababble blush has everyone’s hearts going pitter-patter, and we totally get why. The smooth formula of the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush helps it to spread easily and stick to the skin, so it lasts longer. When you’re a mom who gets touched all day, you’re constantly running around, and always working up a sweat, when it comes to makeup, simplicity, and durability are key.

Spa Headband

If you’ve seen any “get ready with me” or skincare videos on TikTok, then you’ve likely seen this signature sponge and terry cloth spa headband by ARRVEE. We’ve all experienced the cringe-worthy sensation of getting our hair wet while leaning over the sink trying to wash our faces. This soft, absorbent headband keeps hair out of your face so you can cleanse, tone, and exfoliate to your heart’s desire. And if you manage to score a few minutes of alone time for self-care, this baby is perfect for keeping the hair out of your face when applying a sheet mask.

Milk Frother

We basic moms love our coffee, and this handy kitchen gadget will have you asking, “Are you frothing kidding me?” after you take your first foamy sip of a motherfrothin’ homemade pick-me-up. This convenient Zulay milk frother isn’t just for coffee, though. You can use it to mix up chocolate milk or smoothies for your kids, and it’s also great for blending protein shakes.

Moisturizing Lip Duo

TikTokers have been paying lip service to both of these hydrating products by Laneige. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask helps moisturize and repair your pout, and the vitamin-infused Lip Glowy Balm brings us back to the days of applying and reapplying gobs of Lip Smackers.

Satin Heatless Curling Set

Though it makes you look like some sort of sexy Star Wars character, the Satin Heatless Curling Set by Kitch creates amazing curls and waves in your hair without the damage of hot tools. Just wrap damp pieces of hair around the satin tube, tie the ends in place, fall asleep, then wake up to gorgeous-looking locks (and possibly a neck-ache, but beauty is pain, right?). Turn up the heat on your hair game without actually turning up the heat.

Healthy Soda

The words “healthy” and “soda” may seem like oxymorons, but when it comes to Olipop, the two go hand-in-hand. These plant-based, low-sugar, prebiotic, high-fiber beverages are the drink of choice for modern mamas who want their soda and want to drink it, too

Now that you have the low-down on these TikTok want-haves for moms, how many are you adding to your cart? All of them. You’re buying everything, aren’t you? We did too.