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Needs to feed1

Baby eats, baby spits. And repeat. (And repeat, and repeat, and repeat … ) The Little Milk Bar x Gravel & Gold burp cloth, $29

Needs to feed2

A comfortable breastfeeding pillow can make a world of difference. The Boppy Company breastfeeding pillow, $45

Needs to feed3

This bottle is designed to trick even the pickiest eaters—because, sometimes, even Wonder Mama needs a break. nanobébé breastmilk bottle, $11

Needs to feed4

A tasty tea to boost your supply is a win-win. Birds & Bees Teas tin, $18

Needs to feed5

Soothe sore breasts with a comfort pack that’s equal parts pretty and relieving. Lil’buds breast comfort pack, from $25

Needs to feed6

Store and organize all that liquid gold, so you don’t let a drop go past its expiration date. Kiinde organizer, $17; pouches, $26 for 80

Needs to feed7

Pump without anyone the wiser thanks to this under-the-shirt cup collector that is compatible with most breast pumps. Freemie collection cups, $60

Needs to feed8

Moms are typically shocked at how thirsty they are while nursing. Be prepared! S’well bottle, $40

Needs to feed9

Leaks will stay safely undercover with disposable pads catching the spills. Lansinoh nursing pads, $8 for 50

Needs to feed10

A bag that boasts cross- ventilation for drying pump parts? Now, that’s smart. Skip Hop pump bag, $60

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Needs to feed

The best tools to ensure your nursing experience is a roaring success.