Roo and you

The benefits of going skin-to-skin.

Nestling your newborn against bare skin, also known as kangaroo care, provides rewards for parent and child that extend deep below the surface.

Touchy feelykangaroocare2
Quiet time with mom allows baby to breathe in her scent, relax at the sound of her voice and connect with her in unparalleled ways. For preemies who require some extra attention, kangaroo care provides moments for mama and baby to work together and heal each other.

Hold your own
Beyond building an intimate relationship, kangaroo care provides tangible medical benefits. Infants who receive skin-to-skin contact often exhibit:

  • Strengthened heart rate and respiration
  • Regulated body temperature
  • Reduced frequency of illness and infection
  • Improved sleep time
  • Enhanced brain development

Pouch perfect
To practice skin-to-skin bonding, clothe baby in only a diaper and place him upright, directly against your bare chest. Use your shirt or a receiving blanket to cover his back to keep warm, and add a cap for extra coziness. To reap the full benefits, try curling up with your bundle for 60 uninterrupted minutes a day.




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