Ask the Experts: Sound sleep tips

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A: In my work with countless parents, I have seen […]

A: In my work with countless parents, I have seen that when baby doesn’t sleep, it is more challenging for them to get through their day. As a mom myself, I know that when baby sleeps, parents do, too—laying the groundwork for a happy household.

According to a recent survey by Gerber Good Start, just 1 in 10 moms gets a good night’s rest every night, which is why I recommend implementing a few gentle strategies to get your baby on the path to sleeping well.

  • Put feeding first to ensure your child is eating at regular intervals and gaining weight at a healthy pace.
  • Establish a dedicated sleep space to allow your child to begin associating a quiet, dark room with resting.
  • Put your baby in his crib while he’s awake several times a day for short intervals, so he acclimates to his sleep space as a comfortable and relaxing place.
  • Begin putting your child down while he is dozy but awake once a day, so he can learn how to put himself to sleep independently.
  • Remember to be patient with yourself and your child. Babies are extremely malleable and change quickly as they develop. With time, you can help your baby learn how to sleep independently.

—Christina Gantcher, MSc, sleep consultant and founder of Good Night Sleep Coaching