Ask the Experts: Sound machines and infant sleep

Can using a sound machine really help my baby sleep better?

A: The white noise generated by a sound machine is similar to the sounds of the womb, such as a mother’s heartbeat, the amniotic fluid sloshing around the baby, blood flowing, and even the voices and sounds outside the womb. There is a misconception that a baby’s environment should be quiet when sleeping. With all the noise babies were exposed to in the womb, sounds actually comfort them when they first join the outside world.

The constant din of white noise can help babies fall asleep and stay asleep. It can help mask loud talking or household noises that can be more abrupt, causing them to wake.  What’s more, sound machines also help establish a sleep routine, which is an integral part of sleeping well. At first, babies will try to resist sleep, but with a consistent routine, they will soon learn how to do it well.

—Linda Suh, CEO of Cloud b, the world’s leading manufacturer of products and accessories that help parents and children sleep



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