Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger Stroller Review

"For the baby, we used it in the bassinet carrying option. It was such a great perk to be able to use it that way! She loved being able to lie down and wiggle a bit and see what was going on; it was also a nice change for her not be in the infant car seat."

When we received our Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger we were so excited! The manual was easy to use and assembly was very quick. There were no tools required—our tires came inflated in the box, but the manual indicated that the tires might need additional inflating. At first glance, the stroller looks very simple and clean. There weren’t too many unnecessary or confusing features. We have the red model, and it is a very pretty and bright color that makes me feel more comfortable about jogging with it when it’s a little darker in the early mornings or evenings.

Collapsing the stroller wasn’t as clear in the manual, but we figured it out quickly. You have to pull on two gray handles attached behind the handle bar and push the handlebar toward the ground. The base collapses to be fairly small, and it locks with a little lever on the right side. This locking lever is made of plastic, but it holds the stroller together. The base does not stand on its own, which was difficult with a baby in my arms. I can lift it into the back of our minivan, but I do need to use both hands because it is a bit heavy. The seat is very light and easy to remove from the base. It doesn’t take up an excessive amount of room, and it would fit into a closet.

Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger Stroller On the Go

We were able to use the stroller for my 5-month-old and 2-year-old. For the baby, we used it in the bassinet carrying option when out and about. It was such a great perk to be able to use it that way! She loved being able to lie down and wiggle a bit and see what was going on; it was also a nice change for her not be in the infant car seat. I think the bassinet carry option was my favorite feature of this stroller! We could also incline the seat a bit and use a simple strap on the back to create a footrest for her—so sitting was easier. With a younger little one, I loved the option of her being able to face me. However, jogging in this position is not recommended in the manual on

My 2-year-old is average-sized and fit well in the seat. She could sit facing me, but she prefers to face out. When facing out the reclining seat went back enough for her to lie comfortably, but it doesn’t go back entirely. The 5-point safety harness is very easy to adjust, and I can tighten or loosen the straps quickly. There is a soft harness cover and nice padding in the seat, so I feel like both kids were comfortable.

Manta Jogging Stroller Features

The extra features were minimal—but nice. The stroller seat cannot be removed to be cleaned, but the fabric has more of a polyester/athletic feel (so it doesn’t easily take on markings from spills or dirt). It’s also black, so it hides stains well!

There is a roll bar that sits in front of baby, and it can be completely detached if desired. My older daughter enjoyed having something to hold on to, and my younger girl enjoyed kicking her feet up to the bar when she was lying in the reclining seat position. It does not have a tray or cup-holder for tots, so that was definitely noticed when jogging with my 2-year-old! The canopy is large and covers the baby well—but not her legs in the bassinet mode. In forward facing mode my baby’s body was covered—but again, not her legs.

There is also a peekaboo window, which was nice! There is a cup holder for you, and it can be placed on either side of the handle. The description online says it comes with two cup holders, but we only received one and other reviews have said the same. The large storage basket was a decent size and easily held my diaper bag. The handle bar seems a bit far away from the seat, but I think this was intentionally designed, so you could turn baby to face you.

The stroller has brakes for the large rear bicycle tires as well as a strap to attach to your arm—so the stroller can’t get away from you while running. We live in an area with lots of hills, so both are helpful. The tires are air filled and handle bumps REALLY well! The lockable front swivel wheel has an easy push button to lock. The stroller did really well on gravel and sidewalks, and we also easily maneuvered it off road. Trail run/walks were easy in this stroller and it was just as suitable for use around town

This jogging stroller is designed for 6 months and up, and it holds a child up to 50 pounds. The base is compatible with Snap Tech Baby Trend infant car seat, but we did not have this car seat to try with it; however, I think it would be a great combo. I loved that we could use this seat with our baby and toddler, and even with a car seat as a full travel system if we had that brand. The stroller is available in a black base with the option of a grey (Vega, red (Lava), or black (Asher) hood.

The biggest asset to this stroller is the multiple seat configurations. With two kids it was amazing to have the option of carrying the baby or our toddler in it. I haven’t seen another stroller that has the bassinet mode, and we used that feature a ton! It was so nice to keep just one stroller in the car that both kids could use. This stroller was a great price, has a lightweight frame, is overall a great value! They really stepped up the quality with this design and the aesthetic appeal was great! I love jogging and really enjoyed using it while running, as well as using it around town. Overall, this is a great stroller to put on your wish list!

Price: $169.99

By Megan

Images: Courtesy of featured brands

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