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Breastfeeding is magical, but pumping can be mechanical. Add that to a collection of pump parts, adaptors and screw tops, and bottle-feeding can soon seem a little too messy. But breastfeeding mamas needn’t be discouraged. Introducing nanobébé: the first bottle created specifically for breast milk and the gold standard of feeding systems. Their innovative Starter Set contains a bevy of essentials to care for mom and baby’s breastfeeding relationship from start to finish.

The star of the show is their Breastmilk Bottle (four per kit). It was designed by two engineering dads to preserve the nutrients found in your liquid gold (because you can’t truly care for something if you don’t know its value—amirite?). The “preservation” comes into play in its ability to maintain nutritional properties through pumping, storing and warming before mealtime. What this means is it’s the best choice for offering breast milk outside of feeding from the breast.

Another thing to note about the bottle is ease of storage. The bottles stack on top of one another to maintain a small footprint, no larger than a quart of milk. And because the bottles serve as an all-in-one product, there are fewer parts to clean and keep track of throughout the day. 

Next is the nonelectrical Smart Warming Bowl for quickly warming your milk. This is huge, y’all! How many mamas know the feeling of trepidation in finally pumping those precious ounces only to fret over the proper temperature come mealtime? It’s nerve-wracking to say the least. The Smart Warming Bowl takes the guesswork and stress out of prepping each bottle and warms it evenly in a flash, which is what you need when your wee one demands food!

The kit also includes four slow-flow silicone nipples to help reduce colic, four travel covers and storage caps, two pump adaptors (designed to fit most standard pumps, including Medela and Ameda) and two AAP-approved flexy pacifiers (0 to 3 months). 

If you know you’ll be pumping on the go and need the perfect companion, check out their new Duet Diaper Bag. The dual-level, 2-in-1 design accommodates your storage needs from playdates to the office. A separate zipper-secured lower compartment is insulated and contains collapsible dividers to safely store your breast pump and its accessories while also separating baby and parent essentials. It easily attaches to your stroller, packs an impressive amount of pockets and comes with a bottle cooler and changing pad for added convenience.

What’s more, the brand offers many additional products to help you champion your breastfeeding journey with confidence and greater ease. Whether you’re looking to share feedings with your partner, are prepping to head back to work or are interested in bottle-feeding, the nanobébé feeding system is a choice section you’ll be grateful for time after time. 

Starter Kit: $50
Duet diaper bag: $60

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