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Built for feed

Efficient machinery that makes your wee one’s order perfect every time.

Built for feed1
Hidden talent

Designed to work completely (bag included!) inside your bra with no attachments, this pick keeps your clothes on and your hands free.

Why we love it …

• Nominal noise
• Moves with you for everyday tasks
• Tracks your output when using the app

Willow wearable breast pump, $480

Built for feed2
Travel light

Small but mighty, this pick comes with a myriad of customizable expression and massage options to meet the needs of every breastfeeding mama.

Why we love it …

• Memory feature to save preferred settings
• Can be used as a single or a double
• Rechargeable battery lasts 2.5 hours

Motif Duo, $199

Built for feed3
To-go order

Discreet breast shields and tubes fit right underneath your shirt for private sessions that don’t disrupt daily activities.

Why we love it …
• All-in-one storage system that eliminates additional coolers and totes
• Minimal cleaning (aka no bottles!)
• No rhythmic thumping or suction sounds

Babyation, $450

Built for feed4
Squeaky clean

Hygiene is king in this closed system designed to keep tubing and motor parts free of excess milk buildup, making washing and rinsing quick and painless.

Why we love it …
• Adjustable speed settings for comfort
• Portable and lightweight (less than 5 pounds!)
• Eight suction levels equaling maximum output

Lansinoh Smartpump, $145

Built for feed5
Pump it up

Created by a team of registered nurses and lactation consultants, this pick uses natural nursing technology that mimics as closely as possible the experience of true breastfeeding.

Why we love it …
• Back-flow protector keeps your breast milk from harmful bacteria
• Adjustable suction levels for natural flow
• Night-light for early morning sessions

Built for feed6
It's electric

Three power settings allow for optimal comfort while soft massage cushions gently stimulate milk flow to enhance production.

Why we love it …
• Power cushion option for stronger suction
• Curved design that lets you sit upright
• Closed system to prevent spillage

Philips Avent, $200