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Prenatal Care

Finish strong

A whopping 80 percent of a full-term baby’s iron needs is accumulated during mom’s third trimester of pregnancy, making adequate iron intake of most importance. Here’s how to avoid deficiency to best care for both you and your babe-to-be.

3 products to change while expecting

If you’ve heard the hype about toxic ingredients, you know there’s some icky stuff floating around in our everyday products. While it’s a good idea to avoid these additives all the time, it’s especially important while you’re expecting. What goes on your body eventually makes its way to your budding bump, too. To keep you and your wee one in the clear, consider making these simple swaps in your beauty routine …

Dealing with sciatica

Pregnancy can be a real pain in the ... back. That's because there's a condition many women deal with call sciatica.

The holi(stic) truth

A look at what acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies can do for your prenatal health.

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