Full moons & baby booms: The birth of Penelope

"At my weekly OB appointment the Friday before, I was already a solid 4 to 5 centimeters dilated. With my contractions becoming more intense pressure-wise, the last thing I was looking to do was walk into the hospital with a baby on the way out. After speaking with the on-call doctor a little while later, we decided to go to the hospital just to play it safe."

A happy haze: The birth of David

"Around midnight I felt the contractions become a little more intense, and they were getting closer together. I woke up my partner, and we timed them. They were coming every five minutes, just like the doctor said."

The fast lane: The birth of Magnus

"They shuttled me up the the delivery room, and I was pushing as soon as they had me set up. I thought the contractions leading up to this were bad, (and was swearing at myself for deciding on a natural birth) but they were nothing compared to the pushing."

A gut feeling: The birth of Clarence

"The dispatcher said, 'Don't push the baby out until they come!' This sounds crazy, but when she said that, I began panicking. The baby was coming?! I guess their experience taught them that my voice was telling."

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