A happy haze: The birth of David

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It was October in Denver, Colorado. The weather was mild […]

It was October in Denver, Colorado. The weather was mild and sunny. I was about five days away from my delivery date, and I came in to work as usual. Around mid-morning, I was sitting at my desk when I noticed that the contractions that I was feeling were coming pretty regularly. They didn’t hurt or anything, though. 

I stayed and didn’t end up going home till mid-afternoon, when my partner got off work. At this point the contractions were coming about every 20 minutes. According to my doctor’s office, we had to wait until the contractions were coming every five minutes and had been that way for at least an hour before we could head to the hospital. So, I went for a walk with my partner and had some dinner, but nothing changed. Eventually, we both went to bed to rest. 

Around midnight I felt the contractions become a little more intense, and they were getting closer together. I woke up my partner, and we timed them. They were coming every five minutes, just like the doctor said. When it had been an hour or so, we called the on-call service. It was about 1 a.m. The on-call doctor told us it was time to go to the hospital. 

Because we were pre-registered I was led to a room right away. They had everything setup, and they let me know that I would be there until the baby was born. My partner and my mom were there to help me through labor and delivery.

I did all the things I saw on the videos to prepare us for labor. I walked around, bounced on the ball and took a bath with help. By that time my doctor came in and said that she would like to break my water because the contractions had slowed down. So, we did.

Then the contractions got closer together, and it was more painful. I did not take any pain medication up to this point. By the time I wanted something it was to late—my son was on his way! My mom and partner helped me by holding my legs while I pushed. I was grateful that they were there. The nursing staff and doctor were all wonderful. 

My son was born without any trouble. He weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces, and he measured 20 inches long. I did tear and needed stitches. But I didn’t notice much because I was holding my baby boy for the first time. I was in a happy haze. It was so surreal having my son there. My whole life had changed in that very moment, and I knew I was going to do everything I could to be the best I can be for him and our family.

He was so little but not so little. He latched on to my breast great. I got to hold him for as long as I wanted, then they took him to be cleaned and brought him right back to me. 

Taking him home for the first time was wonderful and something I will never forget. I was a changed person with a brand-new life in front of me. I am so blessed and grateful. 

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