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Labor of love: The birth of Graham

The quick flash of his face was so surreal, and a moment later we heard his first cry. That’s when it hit me, he was here! I’m a mom. Kip is a dad. We have a real, human baby.

Convictions: The birth of Navy

"Somewhere between that lovely glucose test and my Tdap vaccine, I decided to look into natural birth plans ... and I switched practices at 37 weeks pregnant!"

Seeing it all: The birth of Carlos

"I remember the doctor arrived and asked if I wanted a mirror to see. 'What? Of course not!' I already felt I could die of nerves ... My doctor was wearing glasses, and with the reflection of the lamp bulbs, I saw everything!"

Sweet surrogacy: The birth of Valentin

"With the guys by my side, we wandered outside to the silence of the night under the beautiful moonlight. They showered me with praise and told me how strong I was. I shared my fears with them, and they held me up as the walk brought on very strong contractions."

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